Load Testing for REST & SOAP APIs,Databases, and Microservices

Create, manage, and execute load, stress, and endurance tests right inside your CI/CD pipeline with just a few clicks.

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Confidence in the speed and scalability of your APIs 

Speed is just as important as accuracy when it comes to APIs. A slow API can grind the user experience to a halt, but you don't have to wait for things to go live before understanding how they will behave under heavy load.

With ReadyAPI Performance, you can reuse your functional API tests built within the ReadyAPI Test tool to speed testing and reduce the time it takes you to deploy high performance REST and SOAP web services. Utilizing the entire ReadyAPI platform suite makes the process of comprehensive API load testing as seamless as possible.

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Rapidly create API load tests

ReadyAPI is hands down the easiest way to run a quick API load test, either against a single web service endpoint or based off of an existing functional API test created in SoapUI. With ReadyAPI you can:

  • Test the speed and scalability of new changes to your APIs in minutes, not days
  • Preview API performance behaviors before releasing to production environments
  • Shift performance insights more to the left so developers build more reliable code

Learn how you can save time by reusing functional API tests built in ReadyAPI as workloads in ReadyAPI  

Gain insight from real-time API load tests in LoadUI Pro

Gain insight from real-time API load tests

The whole point of load testing is to make sure that your API will handle demand adequately, whether that's a quantity you already know and want to ensure, or you just want to see how much traffic a specific setup can handle. With ReadyAPI, you can:

  • Throw multiple varying loads of traffic at your API simultaneously
  • Record traffic from mobile devices and replay at large volume
  • Visualize the effects of a load test on your server and network resources

Actionable insights into your API's performance only comes from rolling your sleeves up and getting down to the nitty gritty. Fortunately, you don't have to get your hands dirty to obtain meaningful results in ReadyAPI.

Perform comprehensive API load testing

Load testing is useful on its own, but even more complete when effectively combined with functional/security testing and virtualization. Through the ReadyAPI platform, SmartBear delivers a flexible and comprehensive API testing tool that makes the entire testing process as seamless as possible:

  • Save time by re-using API functional tests as load testing workload
  • Use dynamic data in your API load tests for more realistic simulations
  • Virtualize external APIs that don't allow or handle load tests very well
  • Overcome 3rd party rate limits and overage charges during a load test

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ReadyAPI is an easy-to-use no-code API Testing platform designed to streamline your testing workflows.

  • Automate and scale your end-to-end tests across multiple API types
  • Run compatible load tests against your functional tests
  • Enable virtualization to ensure fast and reliable integrations for your development teams

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