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It was hard to scale our testing efforts before switching to BitBar… Now we run test automation on a hundred phones hosted by BitBar. It’s a much more robust environment where it’s more self-healing, and we’ve got more eyes on it.

— Joel Maher | Lead Automation & Tools at Mozilla

We picked what we thought was the most mature product of all those we had evaluated. Zephyr Enterprise offered the most features and functionality that our project team needed. It’s very easy to use and straightforward.

— Jan Vriens | Acerta Test Coordinator

I've not found a fault with TestComplete at all. The ability to get it off the ground and running and teach anyone – other people in my team to use it – it's been brilliant.

— Pete Wilson | Head of Testing at RPS

When you’re building modern web and mobile apps, it’s still far too easy to make a slip-up in your stylesheets and leave the layout looking awful or even un-usable, even while your functional tests are all passing. VisualTest puts automated eyeballs on those test runs so you can be confident that the app is not only basically functional but looks good too.

— Matt Wynne | Cucumber Founder

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