Our Responsibility

At SmartBear, we like to say that “Quality isn’t just a goal. It’s thewhole point.” We see our commitment to social responsibility as an extension of that belief. Actually, the foundation of it.

A Passion to Lead by Example

By committing to ethical corporate practices that promote good, we pledge to continue building quality business in our global communities through integrity.
We are committed to taking the journey toward becoming a leader in corporate social responsibility as we grow. To that end, we have put together a group of senior leaders who meet regularly as a working group, and we have selected the focus areas of Community, Sustainability, Governance, and Diversity.
  • To retaining quality customers through the shared values of trust and reliability
  • To connecting to our employees through secure and healthy practices and opportunities to engage community
  • To attracting future employees who resonate with our sustainable goals and mission as global citizens
Frank Roe

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“Beneath all the software, our aim has always been to help make the world a better place. By committing to ethical corporate practices, we continue to shape SmartBear into the type of organization that our employees want to work for, and that our customers and prospects want to do business with.”

Frank Roe, Chief Executive Officer


Our employees are at the heart of how SmartBear gives. Our commitment to philanthropy comes from the understanding that our global mission has local impact. We are proud to support local initiatives around the world that our employees are connected to and care about, and those promoting diversity in the tech industry.

Encouraging the Locals

From employees participating in the “5 at 5” challenge for the Pieta House “Darkness into Light” campaign in Galway, to creating a memorial run to support the Pan Massachusetts Challenge in Massachusetts, SmartBear encourages grassroots efforts.

We were also proud to support organizations that promote diversity in the tech industry, including Black Girls Code, AnitaB.org, and Out In Tech. In 2021, SmartBear was honored to accept a TechCares award for the philanthropic work of our employees.


SmartBear is committed to building a sustainable climate future, and we take it into consideration for our work culture, our data storage, and our office buildings.

Starting With a Baseline

In 2021 SmartBear conducted a first-ever *Greenhouse Gas emissions survey, looking back at 2019 data, which will serve as a benchmark for our sustainability goals in planning and a playbook for future data collection for an annual GHG survey. Our office buildings, wherever possible and including our newest in Poland, are selected for their sustainability. *All GHG emissions calculated using the Greenstone GHG Wizard are done by applying the Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology, a global framework used to measure GHG emissions.

SmartBear has this year announced our intention to offset one hundred percent of our Greenhouse Gas emissions for the 2021 data year. Understanding that offsets are not a full solution, most recently, we have committed to annually measure, offset, and set long- and short-term reduction targets. Read about SmartBear’s recent signing of Vista’s Climate Agreement in a Letter from our CEO, Frank Roe.


SmartBear oversees risk management and corporate compliance as a whole, and through committees. Our policies and procedures ensure that we comply with laws and regulations, and govern our risk mitigation. Data privacy and security programs ensure protection of corporate and personal data.


SmartBear is committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce. Our goal is to be a thriving, positive environment where employees are proud to work, diversity is celebrated, and all are treated with respect.

A Place We Can All Thrive

Over the course of 2020 and 2021, SmartBear made significant investments in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in our global offices. Over the past two years, we conducted a DEI needs assessment, created a Global Inclusion Council to embed DEI throughout the business, partnered with Bottom Line to help diversify our U.S. workforce, and published our DEI statement to ensure that our employees and clients understood our commitment.

We believe in continuous learning of DEI topics through celebrating holidays like International Women’s Day, listening to and learning from our LGBTQ+ employees during pride month, and hearing outside perspectives from guest speakers, including Diversity Consultant and former Global Chief Diversity Officer of Dell EMC Jackie Glenn, President and CEO of The Partnership Inc., Pratt Wiley, and award-winning documentarian Denise Soler Cox.