Don't learn about the issue when it's too late.

It's not enough to know issues exist in your production environment. Development teams need context to understand what's impacting their users, the level of impact, and where issues exist in their application.

You can get the insights your development team needs to identify, prioritize, and fix issues to create a frictionless user experience.

Use Cases

Observability tools to eliminate blind spots

Deliver higher performing apps with fewer bugs with error monitoring from SmartBear. Compare app stability and errors across releases with the context needed for rapid understanding, prioritization, and fixing.

"BugSnag removes uncertainty and anxiety around the time it takes to troubleshoot a crash and any concerns about reproducibility. Having information that pinpoints where to start looking in the code is groundbreaking for engineers."

— Angella Derington  |  Mobile Staff Engineer, Dropbox

Monitor and improve your app’s performance with real time user data. Receive unmatched front-end visibility that allows your developers to fully grasp the experiences of their users.

"BugSnag [Real User Monitoring] gives valuable insight into the real-world performance of Concepts, an award-winning app used by millions of creative people worldwide, across the many devices and platforms we support. Ensuring that our app is fluid and responsive is important to our customers and this is a powerful tool to help deliver on that promise."

— David Brittain  |  CEO, Tophatch

Provide your team visibility into every interaction and performance issue occurring within distributed services. Save time and reduce cost with our OTel-native solution that allows developers to troubleshoot bottlenecks and errors while correlating root causes across traces, logs, and metrics.

"Aspecto is our OpenTelemetry infrastructure. From fully supporting the implementation to the consumption, management, scalability, and smooth visualization of OpenTelemetry data. It is an integral part of the team's workflow."

— Elihai Blomberg  |  Head of Observability, Riskified

Correlate your application errors and performance issues with our OTel-native distributed tracing capabilities, enabling developers to rapidly trace problematic transactions to the underlying services and API calls.

"We're all about delivering a great user experience. Using Aspecto to leverage OpenTelemetry and effectively investigate production helps keeps our users engaged and saves our R&D Precious time."

— Tom Cohen  |  VP R&D, The Vets

Monitor websites, web apps, and APIs from all over the world and within your private networks. Surface availability and performance metrics that help identify the root cause of performance issues.

"We can conduct tests before applications go live to ensure they are ready to transact business and then monitor them continuously in case any future conditions impact their performance. With AlertSite tracking application performance 24-7, we are able to resolve issues well before they impact our business partners and customers"

— Jeff Palmiero  |  Manager of Application Performance Monitoring, Raymond James

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Get clarity on what matters most 

Save time and reduce noise with issue prioritization 

Segment your user base and compare applications across releases to target the most critical areas of your application while delighting your most valuable users. Correlate matched logs and traces with relevant metrics to maintain context and resolve issues faster. 

Fix with speed and precision 

Actionable insights at every step of the SDLC 

Get the full context behind an error or performance issue without having to search through endless logs. Seamlessly jump between issues and logs with side-by-side correlation of relevant traces and spans.

Increase insights without increasing costs

Be confident in the code you ship

Leverage dynamic sampling to manageably scale your insights as you grow. Discard future non-critical issues for a cost-effective approach to make sure you only focus on the most vital issues.

Innovate faster. Reduce risk. 

Innovate faster with the right data 

Practice progressive delivery to leapfrog the competition and accelerate releases without sacrificing quality. Monitor new features or experiments with real user data to determine whether to roll out or roll back new features, enabling innovation without risk.  

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