A Test Management Solution for Everyone

Our test management portfolio is built around adaptable tools to fit into your teams' workflows with ease.

SmartBear Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation

Software teams today are tasked with releasing great software, faster than ever. DevOps and Agile teams require significant testing efforts to deliver high-quality software in concert. With all of these testing activities, comes the critical need for a test management strategy to plan, develop, execute, and report on all testing activities across the software development lifecycle. This means test management for API testing, End-to-End Tests, Exploratory Tests, and all types of automated testing

All teams work differently. It's important to find a test management solution that best fits the needs of your team. Some teams may require assistance visualizing their already existing Jira issues, while others are looking to define acceptance criteria using Behavior Driven Development (BDD). All teams can accelerate their testing efforts, improve quality, and realize rapid time-to-value, giving companies the opportunity to stay competitive in the market when they find the right test management solution for them. 

Why SmartBear for Test Management?

Analytics and Reporting

Track, measure, analyze, and elevate visibility into your testing activities with custom dashboards and reporting. Glean key insights, allocate resources appropriately, and ensure your testing activities align to the business goals.

Improve Collaboration
Bridge the gap between technical and non-technical team members by defining acceptance criteria using shared business terminology. Align on the why, what, and how for each new release to start deploying at your fastest speed yet.
Increase Test Automation
Integrate with test automation solutions you're already using or choose the framework that works best for you with over 20 supported including Cucumber, SpecFlow, Java, Selenium, and more. 
Performance and Scale
Track test issues created and reported on natively inside or integrated with Jira. Know that adding nodes to a cluster is easy to ensure you're delivering a consistent user experience while avoiding performance degradation.
Real-Time Insights
Generate real-time insights with living documentation to gain actionable takeaways from your testing activities. Share these insights with your team to make informed decisions moving forward. 
Seamless Integrations
Seamlessly integrate with tools your team is already using today including Jira, Jenkins, Slack, Selenium and more to recognize the benefits of a fully-integrated test management solution. 

SmartBear provides tools for every job in test management:

Collaborate Using Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

Want to increase your deployment frequency with automation? It all begins with defining your user acceptance criteria using a shared business terminology. Having a shared understanding throughout the entire organization allows you to accelerate your testing efforts. 

Extend Your Jira Workflows Natively  

If you love the way Jira looks and feels then start extending your already existing workflows in a few ways. This way you can recognize all the benefits of a full-featured test management solution, with the same look and feel as what you're use to. 

Deploy as a Standalone Test Management Solution

Whether you're looking to replace a legacy solution or require support for existing QA workflows, let us help you get  visibility into your testing activities and reporting while providing key integrations for your fully integrated test management solution. 

Track, Measure, Analyze, and Elevate All of Your Test Management Needs With SmartBear for a Fully Integrated Testing Solution

SmartBear embraces the various ways teams work by providing a portfolio of test management tools that help teams deliver high-quality products, faster. All of our tools focus on adapting to the way teams work, integrating with tools you are already using, and helping teams accelerate their testing.