Insight Hub

Better experiences built on end-to-end visibility

Empower your developers with the right observability platform to enhance customer experiences. SmartBear’s Insight Hub delivers a straight path between app performance and user experience. Unlike APM vendors that prioritize application performance data over user insights.


Apply actionable insights to build exceptional experiences 

Your users demand quality experiences from your app. Don’t get penalized from low app store ratings and risk your app’s reputation. Get full visibility into your app’s performance and stability over time across different applications. 


Only pay for data that gives you visibility into performance  

Predictable pricing and built-in dynamic sampling give you the freedom to choose what data to analyze while ensuring full coverage without surprising exorbitant costs. OpenTelemetry (OTel) compatible so you can maintain your data ownership and portability.

SmartBear’s Insight Hub gives valuable insight into the real-world performance of Concepts, an award-winning app used by millions of creative people worldwide, across the many devices and platforms we support. Ensuring that our app is fluid and responsive is important to our customers and this is a powerful tool to help deliver on that promise.

— David Brittain | CEO, Tophatch

The Insight Hub is our OpenTelemetry infrastructure. From fully supporting the implementation to the consumption, management, scalability, and smooth visualization of OpenTelemetry data. It is an integral part of the team's workflow.

— Elihai Blomberg | Head of Observability, Riskified

SmartBear’s Insight Hub removes uncertainty and anxiety around the time it takes to troubleshoot a crash and any concerns about reproducibility. Having information that pinpoints where to start looking in the code is groundbreaking for engineers.

— Angella Derington | Mobile Staff Engineer, Dropbox

Insight Hub is a great way of logging crashes reliably, efficiently assigning those issues to your teams, and resolving them in a timely manner in order to focus on new features and provide a better experience for your users.

— Billy Pham | Technical Program Manager, Lyft

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