Collaboration Tools

DevOps and Agile development is all about communication and collaboration across the software delivery lifecycle.


Plan, manage, and track your test cases, test execution, pipeline metrics, and more all right within Jira.

  TestComplete A UI test automation tool that lets you test every desktop, web, and mobile application.   ReadyAPI An API quality platform that accelerates functional, security, and load testing right inside your CI/CD pipeline.   BugSnag An application stability management platform that provides comprehensive error diagnostics and actionable insights to help address bugs impacting the user experience.   Zephyr Squad A flexible test management solution inside Jira, perfect for Agile teams focusing on Test Design, Execution, and Test Automation.   Zephyr Scale A scalable, performant test management solution inside Jira with advanced test planning, reporting, and reusability features.   BitBar The most flexible cloud-based mobile devices and browser testing solution for manual or automated tests.   Capture for Jira A collaborative testing tool allowing for teams to easily provide annotated visual feedback directly to Jira.   Collaborator The premier peer code and document review tool for development teams that take software quality seriously.   Cucumber Open Validate executable specifications against your code on any modern development stack.   Cucumber for Jira Help teams develop the right feature from the start. Captures the value of BDD, natively in Jira.   CucumberStudio Deliver quality at the speed of modern business with BDD, the revolutionary way for organizations to build software.   Zephyr Enterprise A robust test management solution managed outside of the Atlassian ecosystem. Integrates real-time with Jira.