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The State of API 2019 Report

The State of API Report is designed to establish benchmarks for the Application Programming Interface (API) industry regarding the methodologies

Speed Up Testing & Improve Software Q...

Optical character recognition (OCR) is revolutionizing the digital transformation of organizations across the globe. As the process of digitizing

API Monitoring: Unlocking the Busines...

Gain insight into the competitive landscape and future growth of the API economy. Learn about how API Monitoring can help provide organizations with

Web Testing and Selenium

Selenium has become the default standard for web testing. Meanwhile web testing gets more complex with the increasing usage of Web Components and

Things Developers Wished Their Bosses...

Your team of developers understands the benefits of code reviews and how it allows you to release on time without any hiccups as well as improve

The State of Code Review 2018

This report draws insights from 1100 software developers, testers, and IT/ops pros representing more than 35 industries, highlighting key

The State of Code Review 2017

This survey was designed to establish benchmarks for the software industry concerning the ways in which organizations are developing and maintaining

The Complete Guide to End-to-End Testing

End-to-end testing is essential for ensuring that software today is successful. With a robust end-to-end strategy, teams can ensure that every

The Complete Guide to Data-Driven Tes...

Data-driven testing can increase the coverage of a single test by allowing you to run that test with varying inputs. 

The 2018 State of Testing Report

How fast are teams releasing? What are the top challenges teams face with API testing? Discover what your peers are doing today in testing.

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