Optimize Web and API Delivery With Performance Testing and Monitoring Tools

Easily create end-to-end load tests and performance monitors, so your teams can deliver 24x7 speed and availability. 

Delivering a flawless digital experience is a top priority, and the pressure to stay ahead of performance problems has grown exponentially. Performance testing teams are adopting new ways to test, release, and recover faster to continuously deliver high performing software. 

Investing in the right tool to automate tests, identify bottlenecks, monitor in production, and resolve issues quickly can save your organization time and money, without sacrificing quality. We offer performance tools, like LoadNinja, a SaaS load testing tool, ReadyAPI, an API load testing tool, and AlertSite, a synthetic monitoring tool, to help teams get full visibility into UI and API performance, so that teams can release and recover faster than ever. 

Why SmartBear for Performance Testing and Monitoring?

Ease of Test Creation
Record and replay tests without writing a single line of code. Our tools empower teams to create comprehensive tests without scripting or correlation.  Plus, reuse test cases you already have to run new load tests or monitors in production.
Automate in Your CI/CD
Our UI test automation tools support the growing ecosystem of tools. You can seamlessly integrate with leading continuous integration and delivery pipelines or easily build continuous testing frameworks on our open platform.
Cost Savings
Rapidly realize savings from increased test coverage, test reuse, and rapid issue identification.  With immediate alerts and faster debugging, you can prevent defects in each release and decrease your mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) when issues arise in production. 
Full Performance Coverage
Run UI load tests in real browsers at scale in the cloud, identify bottlenecks and improve API performance with in-depth, actionable statistics. Monitor your UI and API performance in production and fix issues immediately. 
The Most Realistic Data
We are the only company that leverages real browsers to run all load tests and all monitors. Teams are armed with the most realistic reflection of their application performance to go forth and optimize.  
Faster Debugging
Debug in real time, automate issue identification, and reuse assets across multiple phases to accelerate resolution. Get consolidated, detailed reports with screenshots to save time and effort fixing post-development defects.

SmartBear tools optimize performance at every layer


API Load Testing

With ReadyAPI, you can build realistic performance test scenarios, run parallel load tests, and get visibility into your server performance so you can isolate bottlenecks and identify the key causes of latency. 

Website Load Testing

Load test in real browsers at scale, all without writing a single line of code. With LoadNinja, you can generate load in real browsers to hit your website or web application, so you can get the most realistic test data, without risking testing in production. The VU Inspector and VU Debugger empowers teams to debug in real time and cut performance testing times in half. 

Web and API Performance Monitoring

Monitor availability, speed, and functionality of your UI and API layers from over 350 global locations. Creating monitors in AlertSite is intuitive and codeless, so your teams can release rapidly and confidently. When something fails or falls below an SLA, alert the entire team.

Test and Monitor Performance With SmartBear for 10X Speed, Accuracy, and Scalability

SmartBear provides a portfolio of performance testing tools that make automating UI and API load tests faster and more accurate than ever. Establish baselines, identify bottlenecks, and benchmark performance, without wasting time on test correlation or complex scripting. Optimize your websites, web applications, and APIs in your pre-production and production environments with intuitive, actionable metrics from real browsers.