API Readiness: deliver accurate, fast, safe web services on time

APIs are critical to your business. Whether you are providing APIs or consuming them, you need to:

  • Visualize what they do
  • Validate that they function as intended
  • View end to end results through data
  • Virtualize them for use in agile testing
  • Monitor them to make sure they're available and performing well

ReadyAPI combines the power of SoapUI Pro, LoadUI Pro, ServiceV Pro, and AlertSite into a single pane of glass. From functional testing, to performance testing to post-deployment monitoring, SmartBear’s API tools help you to deliver accurate, fast, and secure APIs.

Make Sure It Works

Thoroughly test your API’s functionality, compatibility, security and accuracy with SoapUI Pro tool, built specifically for testers and developers to improve service quality and speed time to delivery. Data-drive input and validation from spreadsheets and databases to ensure your tests are comprehensive, scan APIs for security vulnerabilities and even run coverage reports to make sure the critical aspects of API quality are part of your delivery process.


Make Sure It's Fast

Will your API scale or will it fail under heavy traffic? You won't know until you load test your web services and failure is not an option. That is where LoadUI Pro tool comes in.

Use your functional API tests to quickly spin up load against your APIs to see how they stand up, where issues lie, and what to fix before rollout.


Make Sure It's On Time

Harness ServiceV Pro to employ virtual APIs to remove common barriers you face when developing, testing, and simulating conditions against your web services. API virtualization helps teams to work quickly and concurrently, reduce delays due to downtime, simplify versioning logistics, and overcome third-party service limitations.


Make Sure Everyone's Involved

Great APIs start with great code. In other words, developers are the first place where bugs hatch. So why not start there, at the code and in the development environment, using tools that are developer-friendly and that seamlessly fit into your software delivery process?

ReadyAPI TestServer is a server-based automated API testing tool to help development and automation teams rapidly deliver high-quality APIs. TestServer helps your developers express their intent about how an API should behave at the same time they express their ideas about how the API should work.


Make Sure It Fits In

Pull in service descriptions like WSDL, RAML, Swagger, and API-Blueprint to speed test creation. Connect to API management systems from IBM, 3scale, Intel Mashery, and WSO2.

Run ReadyAPI tests from continuous integration systems like Jenkins, Bamboo, and TeamCity. Even write your own plug-ins for complete control over how you integrate testing into your delivery process.

Support for running jUnit tests alongside more elaborate steps like JMS, XML-RPC, AMF, and custom groovy scripts makes ReadyAPI the industry's most versatile testing platform.


Make Quality a Part of Your API Lifecycle

The faster you iterate over ideas and projects, the harder it is to find a place for manual testing. Automated API testing is fundamental to increasing the speed at which you make these decisions without sacrificing quality in the final customer’s experience. With ReadyAPI, you can:

  • Design API tests graphically via SoapUI
  • Collaborate on API design and testing phases with one common model
  • Integrate regression testing into build and continuous integration systems
  • Simplify interaction between development, testing, and operations teams

Make Sure It's Working Everywhere

Monitor APIs deployed outside the firewall or within your private network from multiple locations around the world with the API Monitoring feature in SmartBear's AlertSite tool.

  • Monitor from 80+ global locations.
  • There is nothing to deploy.

Set up custom alerts and be notified immediately if performance degrades or you have a failure. You can be alerted by email, text or phone.

LEARN MORE ABOUT AlertSite API Monitoring

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