Test Every Application Using Object Recognition With AI

Expand your test coverage with our unmatched hybrid object recognition engine, now with artificial intelligence to detect and test any application. Our object recognition combines property and AI-powered visual recognition to find dynamic UI elements quickly, easily, and accurately.

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TestComplete Record & Replay


TestComplete Record & Replay

Build and Maintain Automated GUI Tests Faster Than Ever

Create complex and scalable automated UI tests in seconds with Record & Replay capabilities powered by the most accurate customizable object repository. Dynamically keep up with application updates with our intelligent recommentation system, to avoid test maintenance headaches.

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To Script or Not to Script; Do Both with Flexible Test Automation

You shouldn’t have to choose between scripting or scriptless testing to create your functional GUI tests. Have the flexibility to do both: script with seven languages, including C#, JavaScript, and Python, or generate keyword-driven tests.

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TestComplete Scripting support
test reuse

Don’t Start From Scratch: Reuse Your Functional Tests

No tool lets you reuse automated tests like TestComplete. Instantly increase productivity by reusing your data-driven tests, creating an automation framework, or by consuming Unit, Selenium, or SoapUI tests. You’ll get rid of redundant steps and optimize your functional testing process for maximum test coverage.

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Automated Testing for Desktop, Mobile, & Web Applications

TestComplete comes with an intelligent object repository that ensures your GUI tests are scalable, robust and easy to maintain.

Desktop Testing

Automate GUI tests for desktop applications across a wide range of tools and controls, including .Net, Windows 10, and Java.

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Web Testing

Create reusable cross-browser tests for over 1,500 real browsers, operating systems and resolution configurations.

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Mobile Testing

Create and automate functional UI tests on physical or virtual iOS and Android devices. No need to jailbreak your phone.

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Use an Automation Tool Built for Continuous Testing

TestComplete provides an open platform for you to easily build continuous testing frameworks to test non-stop with a runtime engine and distributed testing like no other tool. Execute a faster continuous delivery process by automating GUI tests on remote computers and synchronizing test projects on the go. With integrations to top CI systems like Jenkins, and SCMs like Git, TestComplete enables continuous testing like no other tool.

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Use an Automation Tool Built for Continuous Testing
TestComplete Support & Training

Support That's Actually Supportive

You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to be successful. We believe support should be fast, friendly, and affordable. Every TestComplete customer gets a dedicated customer success manager for comprehensive onboarding and quick support. We also offer FREE trainings and webinars on popular industry topics like automation frameworks and mobile testing. With our help, you will become an expert in test automation in no time.

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TestComplete improved application testing time between 40-50%. It has helped us reduce resource costs by as much as $350K.

Sandor Albert
Senior Software Engineer

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