TestComplete Platform acts as a backbone for our Web Automation Tool, Desktop Testing Tool, and Mobile Application Automation Tool.

  • Create reliable automated GUI tests across of a wide range of desktop, web, mobile, and packaged applications
  • Choose from script-free drag & drop functionality or JavaScript, Python, VBScript, JScript, DelphiScript, C++Script, and C#Script as a scripting language 
  • Get instant access to over 500 real testing environments in the cloud
  • Support for Oracle Forms as well as many 3rd party controls and frameworks included
  • Balance the speed of application delivery and quality at an affordable cost using out of the box plugin for Jenkins
  • Maintain test versioning through integrations with source control systems such as Git, Subversion, and Mercurial

A Single Tool for All Your Test Automation Needs

  • Create tests in JavaScript
  • Database Testing
  • CI integrations
  • Multiple SCM Integrations

Speed Time to Delivery

TestComplete Platform, which powers TestComplete Desktop, TestComplete Web, and TestComplete Mobile, helps you create accurate and repeatable automated tests across multiple devices, browsers, and environments easily. 

  • All team members can use record and playback feature or easy scripting languages like Python.
  • Developers can use TestLeft's test automation framework in conjunction with TestComplete.
  • Easily identify changes and reduce debugging time using test visualizer. 
  • Run distributed tests using TestExecute, executing your tests across multiple browsers and OS's.
  • Use QAComplete's TestComplete integration to manage, run, and analyze automated and manual tests from a single interface.

Improve Release Quality

Access internal objects, methods, and properties of the application to achieve testing speed and create robust tests across desktop, mobile, and web without compromising quality.

  • Separate test logic from test data using TestComplete Platform’s data-driven testing feature.
  • Choose among numerous checkpoints to verify or compare two images pixel-by-pixel, files (byte-by-byte), or object’s property value.
  • Automate regression tests and run them at the click of a button whenever developers add new functionality or change the code.
  • Extend the TestComplete Platform to meet your specific testing needs.
  • Design functional tests at the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and API level using integration with SoapUI NG and SoapUI.


Reduce Testing Costs

Reduce initial investment cost on a testing software, but also realize long term saving on test maintenance and support costs.

  • Buy what you need, when you need. Purchase desktop, web, and mobile licenses separately. No more paying for modules or features that you don’t use!
  • Ensure testing costs don't go up when application’s interface changes by recording tests at object level and not at screen coordinate or image level.
  • Execute several tests on separate workstations simultaneously, without having to buy TestComplete platform or Desktop, Mobile, and Web license for each machine.
  • Run automated tests on cloud to reduce cost of ownership.

Perform Continuous Integration Testing

Connect TestComplete Desktop, Web, or Mobile tests to build systems, profiling tools, defect tracking, or other tools in your development ecosystem.

  • Use Jenkins plug-in for Jenkins to execute the tests directly from Jenkins builds.
  • Maintain test versioning through integration with source control systems such as Git, Subversion, Visual SourceSafe, and Mercurial.
  • Send TestComplete tests directly to QAComplete.
  • Attach bug reports to defect tracking tools like Axosoft OnTime and JIRA. 
  • Integrate with AQtime, HP Quality Center, and Visual Studio Team System.

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Instant Access to Cloud Test Labs On-Demand

Say goodbye to maintaining real devices, virtual machines, and in-house testing labs with TestComplete Environment Manger.

  • Gain availability to over 500 real testing environments from within TestComplete 
  • Run tests across multiple browsers, operating systems and resolutions on real devices 
  • Debug issues quickly by getting an access to live desktop web browser remotely 
  • Detailed test metrics broken by operating system, browser versions, and resolutions available 
  • Pinpoint problem areas using videos, logs, and screenshots

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