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Create, manage, and run automated UI tests on traditional and dynamic web applications, as well as Chromium Embedded Frameworks, for easy web test automation.

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One tool for Cross-Technology Support

TestComplete is a testing tool for websites that let's you create and run functional UI tests on any web application, including apps that have custom controls and dynamic pages. Perform in-depth GUI testing by getting direct access to custom libraries. For web applications that have dynamically generated controls, or controls without good identifiers, use the name mapping technology in TestComplete to reliably identify necessary objects

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Create Cross-Browser Tests Easily & Quickly

Create Cross-Browser Tests Easily & Quickly

Run one GUI test across multiple browsers without any modifications. Choose from script-free record and replay or scripting languages, including Python, VBScript, and JavaScript, to create automated web tests with or without programming knowledge.

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Scale Web Tests to the Cloud

Manually spinning up test environments can slow down the automated testing process. With BitBar, access thousands of real browsers, devices, and configurations – all in the cloud. Scale your automated web tests by running them in parallel across environments.

Automate Visual Web

Automate Visual Web Tests

Visual defects can be costly. With VisualTest, leverage advanced AI to highlight changes in your web application not caught by functional tests. Easily integrate with your automated web tests to guarantee a visually perfect UI.

Ensure Your Web Tests Don't Break

Ensure Your Web Tests Don’t Break

Accurately identify unique objects on the user interface. Get direct access to underlying Shadow DOM and Custom Elements, attributes, and over 50k object recognition properties across more than 500 control types. Handle dynamic objects or controls that don't have good identifiers by defining custom names using the powerful name mapping capability in our web testing tools.

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Best in Class Support for HTML5, AJAX, React, and Angular

Best in Class Support for HTML5, AJAX, React, and Angular

Get full access to HTML5, AJAX, React, or Angular elements from TestComplete. Use the right verification options while creating automated UI web tests to save time on test maintenance efforts. Built-in dialog handlers allow you to easily handle HTML5 popups, browser dialogs, JavaScript alerts, and other complex operations.

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Automatic Audits and Health Check of Your Web Applications

Add web audits as part of your functional test suite to detect issues in performance, accessibility, and SEO before going to production. Emulate your web application or website on Desktop or Mobile with a simple checkpoint or a single line of code and receive comprehensive health check reports with key metrics and opportunities for improvement.

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Full Support for Mobile Web Testing

Full Support for Mobile Web Testing

Automate web testing on emulators or real mobile applications to ensure test coverage across the mobile devices your consumers are using. Easily build and run your GUI tests on Safari and Chrome browsers and on real Android phones, real iPhones, iPhone simulators, real iPads, iPad simulators or Android tablets.

Selenium WebDriver Integration

Selenium WebDriver Integration

Already using Selenium? Combine your Selenium scripts with TestComplete web tests to run them as part of one test run. The tool supports Selenium tests created with popular frameworks like JUnit, TestNG and more, so you can leverage your already-existing unit tests in TestComplete and scale your automated website testing efforts.

Import Selenium scripts written in any language into the TestComplete IDE and run them in parallel across thousands of real desktop and mobile browsers for expanded web coverage and decreased testing time.

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Easily build and automate functional UI tests for Desktop, Mobile, and Web applications.

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"We have reduced the overall average application testing timeline from several weeks down to several hours. That means software improvements go into production faster, and the quality of software has also increased significantly."

Lulia Meladze Head of Quality Assurance Team, TBC Bank