Automated Testing for your HTML Applications

Write one automated html 5 test and run it across all of the latest releases of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera or deprecated versions of Internet Explorer (IE) to ensure complete coverage for your web applications.

Powerful, out-of-the-box object recognition allows you to automatically discover HTML5 tags without making any changes to your test cases. Insert the right verification checkpoints for HTML5 controls for automatic bug detection across different browsers.

HTML Automated Testing
TestComplete HTML5

Get Full Access to Web Elements

Access any kind of HTML5 web element directly from TestComplete, making script creation seamless even for the web. Define aliases (custom names) for recognized web elements for easy identification. Even use built-in search methods for identifying objects and finding specific elements on the tested web page.

HTML5 Pop-up

Detect Tricky HTML5 Pop-ups and Browser Dialogs

Cover all your bases by effortlessly automating an html5 tests for different kinds of pop-ups and browser dialog elements. Perform validation of dialogs and pop-ups in the same way across different browsers. Access HTML5 pop-ups and browser dialogs without writing any code. Support for recognizing pop-ups and browser dialogs, such as JavaScript alerts, confirmations, and login dialogs are built-in.

Perform Cross Browser CSS Validation

Verify the CSS style for any tag of HML5 app using built-in W3C selectors. Easily access and verify different inline and compound CSS styles across all of the major browsers. Out-of-the-box CSS selectors in the html5 tool allow you to find CSS incompatibilities and warnings for each browser individually.

Cross Browser CSS

Full Real User Simulation

Simulating real user actions such as clicks, drag, and other mouse movements is easy. Automate most complex full real user simulation without writing any scripts and then modify any real user simulation generated using keyboard commands. Create verification options for form submissions and different mouse actions across major browsers.

Easily Handle JavaScript Validations

Perform validations on invoked JavaScript code as a part of your automated tests. Get access to objects returned by JavaScript functions, expressions, or even frameworks such as jQuery. No need to write custom code for handling browser complexities such as waiting for AJAX requests, page reloads, and other post back actions.

JavaScript Validation

Reliably Find and Check UI Objects Even When Layout Changes

TestComplete Web provides multiple ways to identify and check objects inside web applications, so you can choose the one that best suits your experience and testing scenario. 

  • Create web tests at object level and not at object or coordinate level, thereby ensuring regression tests don’t fail when GUI changes.
  • Locate elements using XPath notation or by one or more property values.
  • Get direct access to underlying DOM elements, attributes, methods and CSS attributes.
  • Create web testing checkpoints to verify page contents, including images, MAILTO link, Java applets among many others.

Perform Continuous Integration

TestComplete Web lets you integrate tests into other tools in your development ecosystem, allowing you to connect your web automated tests to build systems, profiling tools, and defect tracking tools.

  • Integration avilable with source control systems such as Git, Subversion, and Mercurial for test versioning.
  • Attach bug reports to defect tracking tools such as Axosoft OnTime and JIRA.
  • Use Jenkins plug-in to run regression tests as a part of automated builds
  • Integrate with profiling and debugging tool AQtime for code coverage. 
  • Seamless integration available between TestComplete and Visual Studio.
  • Run your tests on cloud or virtual systems using TestExecute.

Test Third-Party Web Controls

TestComplete Web enables comprehensive GUI testing applications by providing out-of-the-box support for third-party controls of various types.

  • TestComplete Web provides support for development controls such as Developer Express, Telerik and Microsoft among others.
  • Support for technology controls such as Flex, Flash, and Sencha Ext JS among many others.
  • Use built-in checkpoints to ensure your website conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

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