Test Automation With Gherkin Scenarios

Convert feature files into automated tests – no technical expertise required.

BDD Scenarios with TestComplete

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is a software development methodology combining technical aspects and business interests. This allows you to create test scenarios in a plain English language called Gherkin syntax, which uses a Given/When/Then format.

With native support for BDD scenarios in TestComplete, you can create or import feature files. Convert those feature files to user step templates by scripting or using record and replay. Automatically generate your test code once and reuse it multiple times from one feature file.

Access TestComplete’s reporting features, CI/CD integrations, and source control integrations to gather insights for your BDD scenarios.

Enable All Stakeholders

Make test automation easier and faster for all users, regardless of technical expertise.

Gherkin syntax enables all stakeholders to align on how an application should behave. Business analysts to engineers can easily create and iterate on feature requests.

Avoid Complex Tool Stacks

Don’t string multiple tools together. Convert feature files to step definitions in code and build automated UI functional tests. You get an IDE, a BDD interpreter (JavaScript and Python), and a test runner - all in one tool. No additional plug-ins or integrations required.

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