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Accelerate Development Times
SwaggerHub has brought a lot of structure and centralization of our API design and integrations. The platform enables us to execute on projects in ways that were previously not possible, allowing our many teams across the lifecycle to execute more in parallel and speed up our development timelines.
— Travis Koenig
VP of Mobile
Save Time and Money
We have estimated that by transitioning to automated front-end visual testing and by having easy access to so many browser/OS combinations we are saving at least 27 hours a week in manual work hours
— Maggie Jones
Easier Code and Document Compliance
It’s very powerful to have Collaborator create a documentation package that documents reviews with a great level of detail structured in a way to facilitate audits and integrate with other project documents. We also benefit from a 70% reduction in our code review and test review timeline.
— Aaron Peterson
VP of Research & Development
Scale Automation Across Teams
TestComplete has allowed O’Reilly to easily convert thousands of manual tests to automated tests, seamlessly integrating into our testing ecosystem. This has allowed my team to scale our automation efforts and make sure we’re releasing a high quality product to all of our customers while greatly decreasing our testing cycle.
— Carson Underwood
QA Automation Supervisor
Eliminate Testing Dependencies
But by virtualizing integrations using ServiceV Pro to send information back-and-forth automatically and in real time between processes—such as claims and payments—we virtualized the entire API journey. This dramatically reduces the time and our resource costs in identifying and fixing issues.
— Gari Gono
Solution Architect
Reuse Test Cases and Assertions
We could see that SoapUI Pro and LoadUI Pro would allow our software team to build and run tests more efficiently. Both SmartBear tools are versatile, and they make it easy to reuse test code and scripts, which saves us a lot of time.
— Stephen Aldridge
Senior Development Engineer
SmartBear acquires Zephyr and creates the most comprehensive set of test management solutions on the market

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