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Quality isn’t just a goal. It’s the whole point.

For a world in constant flux, quality matters more than ever. So wherever you're going, we'll help you get there.

Manual testing will always be.

Automation can’t cover everything. But as Agile and DevOps continue to grow, timelines shorten. So what’s the best way to use test automation?

Identify errors faster.

Test automation’s role is to help you assure quality amongst constant change. The best tools seamlessly fall in step with your current process, then elevate it.

What we recommend:


Automated Functional UI Testing

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SoapUI Pro

Automated API Functional & Security Testing

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Run Selenium & Appium Tests in the Cloud

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Cloud-Based Mobile App Testing Solution

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More APls. More problems.

If you build APIs without standards, when your demand goes up, so does risk. And you still need to keep track of them.

A better start and finish.

With standards and testing in place, high quality comes faster. And with monitoring, you’ll know of issues before customers do.

What we recommend:


Design, Model, & Share API Definitions

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Collaborative API Quality Platform

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Global, Synthetic API Monitoring

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Load testing is a hurdle.

It's essential, but time-consuming. And tempting to skip. But even if your app is perfect 99% of the time, it's the 1% everyone remembers.

Avoid the crash.

Real-life heavy loads aren't "if." They're "when." Fortunately, load testing is faster and easier than it used to be. Our tools adhere to your process and reveal the true bottlenecks.

What we recommend:


Automated UI Performance Testing

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LoadUI Pro

Automated API Performance Testing

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Too much data binds you.

Between all the test data and people involved, deciding how to start a project can be paralyzing.

Clear the path.

Gain a better idea of what your project goals can be with our test management and BDD tools. They’ll help guide your decisions and get the best out of everyone’s time.

What we recommend:


Design Features & Tests Using BDD

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Cucumber for Jira

Capture the value of BDD natively in Jira

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Enterprise Testing Made Easy in Jira

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Native Jira & Enterprise Test Management

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Plug & Play

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SmartBear tools work great together and on their own. They’re also open to whatever tools you’re already using. Add them to your process and it’ll take you to a whole new level of operation.

Customer Stories

Driving growth – big & small

American Red Cross

The Red Cross sharepoint site was overloaded with traffic during disasters, crippling its information feed within the organization at critical times. AlertSite instantly helped, notifying them of intranet issues so they could focus more on their real jobs — saving lives.

Products Used:

Cisco Systems

A geographically distributed team needed a solid communication way to review code. Collaborator — with its intuitive interface and ease of use — was a game changer. Before, only a fraction of code was reviewed, with everyone required to be in the same location. Now reviewing code is efficient, easy, and frequent.

Products Used:

TBC Bank

TBC Bank needed an automation tool that would help them reduce the time it took to prep test cases. TestComplete's easy script creation allowed their team of non-developers to create scripts in no time. Discover more about boosting team efficiency with script and scriptless test creation.

Products Used:


Updates to an application's underlying code are a normal and frequent occurrence. Technip used to need 12 days to run the required regression tests after any change. With TestComplete, they cut testing times down to 4 days. A 300% reduction.

Products Used:



World-renowned sportswear company actively manages over 400 APIs. Their goal is an API- and design-first approach to speed up delivery, so they chose SwaggerHub. Now they have a central platform for all of their API contracts, and a tool that integrates seamlessly across their API lifecycle.

Products Used:


Company had to integrate all Helsinki transportation (buses, trams, metros, local railways, ferries) for commuters. With 8 teams in 3 countries, they needed a deeper level of collaboration. CucumberStudio with BDD created standardized terminology, living documentation, and fit 3,300+ functional tests into only 1,700 steps.

Products Used:


The leading auto manufacturer relied on Excel docs for managing test cases for their factories. They had problems with consistency, deadlines, and linking with other locations. Zephyr for Jira helped them sync up, running 545 test cases across the world, and collaborating in a way they never thought possible.

Products Used:


For a mobile browser, Mozilla needed a full set of tests on a variety of physical phones. The first tests didn't go well. With BitBar, they set up a fast, reliable, and repeatable process for tests, shrinking a 75-hour test cycle down to 5 hours.

Products Used:

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