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Scale your automated testing efforts and maximize test coverage with the powerful capabilities of TestComplete.

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Building Automated UI Tests

Use the scriptless Record and Replay or keyword-driven tests to easily create automated UI tests. Record your tests once and play them back across wide range of desktop, web, and mobile applications.

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TestComplete insert new operation

Object Recognition Engine now with Artificial Intelligence

Save time creating and maintaining tests by accurately identifying dynamic UI elements with both property-based and AI-powered visual recognition. Manage objects in a single repository and set it up locally or to be shared depending on your needs.

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TestComplete object recognition

HTML5 Test Automation

Write one automated test script to test HTML/HTML5 web applications across all of the latest releases of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera or deprecated versions of Internet Explorer (IE).

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HTML 5 test automation

Data-Driven Testing

Separate data from test commands to ease maintenance efforts. Run automated desktop, web, or mobile UI tests with different sets of input data to increase coverage.

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TestComplete data generator wizard

Automated Test Reporting & Analysis

Get real-time information on the progress and status of your desktop, web, or mobile UI tests from a single interface. Easily connect with popular defect tracking tools such as Jira and Bugzilla for instant feedback and continuous learning.

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Selenium & TestComplete

Scale your Selenium WebDriver tests to boost your web testing efforts and build the ultimate test automation solution that has Selenium, Unit, and functional tests all in one tool.

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Selenium and TestComplete integration

Keyword-Driven Testing

Easily separate test steps, objects, actions, and data with a built-in keyword driven testing framework. Ensure every team member can contribute to test automation. Create automated functional UI tests without any programming language. Handle complex scenarios such as dealing with unwanted windows or accessing database information with simple point-and-click actions.

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Free Training & Support

Ensuring you succeed with TestComplete is our number one priority. From initial roll-out of the tool to day-to-day support, our responsive team is always there to help you out.

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Harness the Power of Automated Test Reuse

Reuse your automated UI tests across projects and environments to expand test coverage, save time and cut costs.

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TestComplete automated test reuse

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"We have reduced the overall average application testing timeline from several weeks down to several hours. That means software improvements go into production faster, and the quality of software has also increased significantly."

Lulia Meladze Head of Quality Assurance Team, TBC Bank