Unmatched Object Recognition Engine now including Artificial Intelligence

Achieve maximum test coverage with a hybrid engine with property-based and AI-powered visual recognition to test any application.

TestComplete object recognition

Expand Test Coverage with Our Complete Object Recognition Engine

Don’t let basic test automation tools limit you from testing all aspects of your application. With TestComplete, you can detect and test every UI with a hybrid engine that combines our unmatched property-based object recognition with AI-powered visual recognition to identify any UI element in your application.

Reduce Time and Effort Automating with Self-Healing Tests

How many hours do you spend solely on activities to maintain your tests? Automated tests often fail because properties of objects in the Application Under Test change frequently, and your tests are tightly bound to these object properties. 

TestComplete has AI-powered self-healing capabilities that will automatically identify unexpected errors and recommend an alternative. This prevents your test from failing and gives you the opportunity to accept the fix after test execution, saving you time and effort reviewing failures. 


Easy UI Testing with Support for Over 500 Controls and 3rd Party Frameworks

Find dynamic UI elements quickly, easily, and accurately with TestComplete. The tool comes with built-in support for over 500 desktopweb, and mobile technologies including Windows, Java, AJAX, WPF, and HTML5 among others, as well as controls and 3rd party frameworks such as React and Angular.

Our powerful object recognition algorithm with artificial intelligence will enable you to identify elements across any technology and will work irrespective of the device screen size, resolution, or language configuration.

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Artificial Intelligence for Technical and Non-Technical Testers

TestComplete automatically switches its object recognition to leverage AI when application properties are not easily detected. Capture UI elements at a textual level with AI with no additional manual steps and easily manipulate user actions such as a click, hover, touch, regardless of skill level, to broaden test coverage across platforms. It’s perfect for testing charts, mainframes, PDFs, SAP and other technologies with smarter test automation.

Faster Automated Test Creation & Easier Test Maintenance Even After Application Updates

Store your object information automatically and separately from your automated GUI tests in one central object repository that can be stored locally or shared across teams. If any property in your application or UI changes, our ‘Intelligent Fix’ enables you to update them dynamically during runtime or with a single click.

See Why Testers Love Object Recognition with AI

"I just tried out the new Hybrid Object Recognition Engine with AI in TestComplete, and it worked great! We have a few tests that run in a Citrix environment that only gives us one big image to work with. Currently we are limited to using xy coordinates, but with the new AI-powered object recognition in TestComplete we will now be able to use specific text to move through our App. I like it!”
Carol Gossman, Automation Engineer at TEAM Software
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