Locate, Maintain, and Update GUI Objects Automatically

Reduce test maintenance time by correctly identifying unique desktop, mobile, and web objects with TestComplete’s sophisticated GUI object recognition algorithm. Maintain and manage objects in a single repository. Set up the object repository locally or to be shared depending on your needs.

Easy GUI Testing Even After Application Updates

TestComplete’s robust GUI recognition algorithm ensures you can execute the same recorded automated test across all major browsers without any modifications. If any property in your application or UI changes, TestComplete enables you to update them dynamically during runtime. Our customers have seen this capability in TestComplete significantly reduce the time spent on creating and maintaining their automated GUI tests. 

Easy GUI Testing Even After Application Updates
Dynamically Maintain Your Central Object Repository

Dynamically Maintain Your Central Object Repository

Store your object information automatically and separately from your automated GUI tests in one central object repository that can be stored locally or shared across teams.  Update properties used across multiple tests with a single click. If needed, you can give objects a custom, descriptive name (alias) to make them more readable and reusable.

Reusable Object Identifiers and Automated Test Steps

Identify unique elements and update these identifiers with a single click if any changes are made. Reuse identifiers or test steps across multiple automated UI tests and projects with a single click to avoid duplicating your test maintenance efforts.

Reusable Object Identifiers and Automated Test Steps

Support for Over 500 Controls and 3rd Party Objects

Find any UI element quickly and easily. TestComplete comes with built-in support for over 500 desktop, web, and mobile frameworks and controls. The most common technologies, including HTML5, AJAX, and WPF, as well as 3rd party frameworks, are supported out of the box. No paths, no hardcoded values, no guessing – but through stable native properties and methods.

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