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Intelligent Quality is an Add-On to TestComplete that delivers premium features to help you accelerate test creation and expand test coverage.

Extract and Validate PDF Data Against Results

Reduce Time and Effort Automating with Self-Healing Tests

How many hours do you spend solely on activities to maintain your tests? Automated tests often fail because properties of objects change frequently, and tests are tightly bound to these object properties. Our internal data shows that 75% of tests fail because of object defect detection. This results in many hours wasted on test maintenance, preventing you from seeing the full value of test automation.  

The AI algorithm powering our self-healing capabilities can automatically identify unexpected errors due to dynamic properties and recommend an alternative. This prevents your test from failing and gives you the opportunity to accept the fix after test execution, saving you time and effort reviewing failures. With these improvements to the AI we now see a 95% success rate. How much time will this save you now? See how it works.

Interact with Content on Complex Applications

TestComplete offers traditional ways of identifying objects through their properties, but customers have told us these methods don't always work optimally. So now, if TestComplete doesn't recognize an object in that way, it uses AI-based optical character recognition (OCR) to identify the object based on text contents. Works with dynamic IDs, canvas-based elements in HTML5, complicated grid-based controls, and even mobile applications. (Available in v12.6.) . See it in action.

Navigate and Verify Content on Charts, Maps, and Images

Don't waste time manually testing or comparing two images to validate results. With our new AI-powered visual recognition, you can validate actions such as click, hover, or touch on text-based elements found on charts, plots, or maps. The automation lets you test faster with higher-quality results. (Available in v12.6.)

ML-Based Visual Grid Recognition

Applications continue to become more intricate with complex objects like grids or tables, which makes GUI automation more difficult. These objects often require manual testing, which is time consuming and prone to errors. TestComplete now uses computer vision and machine learning techniques to automatically validate these complex objects, taking your test automation to the next level. See how it works.

Run Tests in Local Headless Mode

Headless testing runs your web tests using a headless browser, operating as your typical browser but without a graphical user interface. This makes it excellent for automated testing and has many benefits. Since no active UI session is required, you'll have enhanced test execution in CI/CD pipelines. You'll see improved speed of test execution as multiple tests can be run in parallel on the same machine. Headless testing will also yield fewer errors and flaky tests as tests are run in controlled environments.

TestComplete supports Chrome, Firefox and Edge headless browsers.

Add Automatic Health Checks for Web Applications

Today, web applications deploy frequently, and teams often don't have time to perform full regression tests. An alternate way to help de-risk these scenarios is to add web audits to your functional test suite, so you can detect issues in performance, accessibility, and SEO before production. Emulate your web application or desktop/mobile website with a simple checkpoint - or a single line of code - and receive comprehensive health check reports with key metrics and opportunities for improvement. This is not a substitute for full regression testing, but can complement other parts of your testing processes. (Available in v14.1.) See it in action.

Lighthouse Dashboard

Extract and Validate Data in PDFs

Many teams have application workflows and business processes that end with the creation of PDFs for internal use or distribution to customers. Verifying the content accuracy is an important step. It's also a common need to edit the text or extract the data for use in another system, and with our new AI-powered visual recognition for PDFs, you get the data you expect. You don't have to rely on time-consuming manual testing or image-based techniques - which often fail when they depend on pixel-to-pixel comparisons. (Available in v14.2.) See it in action.

See How The Hybrid Object Recognition Engine Can Impact UI Testing

I just tried out the new Hybrid Object Recognition Engine with AI in TestComplete, and it worked great! We have a few tests that run in a Citrix environment that only gives us one big image to work with. Currently we are limited to using xy coordinates, but with the new AI-powered object recognition in TestComplete we will now be able to use specific text to move through our App. I like it!

Carol Gossman, Automation Engineer at TEAM Software

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