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Generate in-depth report logs on your automated test results to find and fix errors faster.

TestComplete reporting summary

Report on and Analyze Your Automated Tests for Faster Feedback

With TestComplete, you can get real-time information on the progress and status of your desktop, mobile, or web functional GUI tests from a single interface.

Click & go test reports allow you to break down your test results by environment configurations (i.e., operating system, browser version, resolution), so you can better identify what areas need focus and determine the reach of your test coverage. The tool also captures information on execution time to identify slow running tests.

Share In-depth Reports on Every GUI Test for Better Cross-Team Collaboration

Through various integrations to SCMs, test management tools, and defect tracking systems, you can send Testcomplete reports and bugs to other stakeholders to help them pinpoint problem areas.

The tool enables you to share images, videos, or detailed logs that you captured during text execution, or even export your logs in multiple formats such as JUnit, HTML or MHT, to easily share details with other team members even if they don’t have TestComplete installed.

Record Videos of Your GUI Tests for Faster Resolution

With TestComplete, you can get video recordings of your web test runs to enable other teams to know what’s going wrong without having to investigate logs, which means you can debug faster.

The tool will enable you to capture images when recording and executing your automated tests to find issues visually. TestComplete also allows you to grab information about the objects and properties in your web applications while images are being taken.

Debug Your Tests with Full-Page Screen Shots

Use screenshots captured during test recording and playback to track various user actions. Testcomplete will enable you to debug your functional GUI tests faster by allowing you to take full-paged, windowed, or chromeless images of websites or applications across multiple browsers and devices.

Everyone on your team should care about test reporting, from the individual tester to your manager or director.  Strong test reporting capabilities gives teams full visibility into how effecient and effective their testing cycles are.

A tool that can provide in-depth logs, screen shots, comparisons, or even videos, is essential for debugging and fixing issues quickly. Test reporting with TestComplete will give you the tools you need to accurately pinpoint bugs and automate aspects of your feedback loop for faster resolution. 

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