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Scale TestComplete Tests with BitBar

With so many test environments that need to be validated, you might have to run thousands of UI tests. This can be complex, costly, and time-consuming.

TestComplete makes it easier. You can create automated GUI tests for web and mobile applications. Testers of any skill level can build tests by scripting or using record and replay. Once built, web or mobile tests in TestComplete can be run in parallel across multiple test environments in the BitBar cloud, which increases test coverage.

The automation capabilities of TestComplete, combined with the range of test environments in BitBar, means your application will work on every browser, mobile device, and environment.

Create One Automated GUI Test for Multiple Environments in the BitBar Cloud

With TestComplete, you can create tests by scripting in modern languages like JavaScript and Python, or by using record and replay. Find and fix problems quickly by building one test in TestComplete, then running it across any environment. These tests can be run on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms across all configurations in the BitBar cloud.

Automate a Range of Web or Mobile Applications

TestComplete supports all major app development frameworks. This includes React, Angular, Vue, and ASP.NET for web apps, and React Native, Flutter, SwiftUI, and Xamarin for mobile apps. Get up and running – no complex setup required.

BitBar supports Selenium, Appium, and any native mobile test automation framework in all languages. Easily bring your Docker or VM‑contained mobile app frameworks and local tests to our device cloud.

Speed Up Your Testing Cycles

With TestComplete and BitBar, you can run your tests across any CI/CD platform to get faster feedback and speed up your continuous testing efforts. Running your tests in parallel can radically shorten test execution time. Run your entire UI test suite in minutes instead of hours.

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"We have reduced the overall average application testing timeline from several weeks down to several hours. That means software improvements go into production faster, and the quality of software has also increased significantly."

Lulia Meladze Head of Quality Assurance Team, TBC Bank