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Cross browser test tools can help teams ensure their applications are functional and accessible across the broadest array of web environments possible. With the explosion of platforms and devices available today, automating browser testing has become essential, but also complex and time-consuming.

Cross-browser testing with TestComplete will enable you quickly create automated GUI tests in one browser and run them in parallel across 1,500 remote test environments - including browsers, operating systems, resolutions, and devices – helping you ensure complete test coverage and improve software quality.

Easily Create One Automated GUI Test for Multiple Browsers

Create cross-browser tests easily in TestComplete with pre-installed support for multiple scripting languages including VBScript, JavaScript, and Python, or by recording user actions such a mouse clicks and keystrokes.

Once built, the cross browser test tool will enable you to run your automated GUI tests across multiple real browser combinations to find and fix problems quickly. With one click you can, find visual differences from old versions of Internet Explorer (IE) to the most recent releases of Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera.

Expand Test Coverage with the CrossBrowserTesting Integration

Automate cross browser testing with TestComplete and say goodbye to maintaining and upgrading real devices, virtual machines and in-house testing labs. With the tool's integration with CrossBrowserTesting, you can run automated GUI tests in parallel across 1500 real testing environments representing various combinations of browsers, operating systems, and resolutions on real devices in the cloud.

Speed up Your Testing Cycles with Cross-Browser Testing

Run your functional GUI tests in parallel across multiple environments to speed your testing and development efforts while improving test coverage. With TestComplete, you can export your automated test results into CSV and XLS files to share with other stakeholders, to get faster feedback and speed up your continuous testing efforts.


Access Real Machines for In-depth Test Debugging

Gain access to live desktop web browsers remotely to further drill down into problem areas and assess the results of your automated browser testing efforts. Use native developer tools or set up breakpoints to debug HTML, JavaScript, and CSS issues in greater detail. With support for a variety of languages, TestComplete will enable you to dedbug automated cross-browser tests created on the fly using built-in verification checkpoints easily.

Environment Manager Debugging

Get More From Your Selenium Tests

Run Selenium web tests as a part of your continuous testing process using TestComplete's integrations with CI systems. You can even scale Selenium WebDriver tests and run them to check for cross-browser compatibility without setting up or maintaining the Selenium Grid. With a crossbrowser testing tool like TestComplete, you can pinpoint issues with Selenium web tests easily by using screenshots captured during every run.

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