Test Kafka Streams with ReadyAPI

Streamline the testing of event-driven services with the all-in-one testing tool that allows to you create functional and performance tests of your Kafka APIs in one centralized interface

Why Test Apache Kafka with ReadyAPI?

In a word … simplicity. The current set Kafka test tools is cumbersome, complicated, and time-consuming. With ReadyAPI, you can create test assertions to verify your Kafka connections with an easy point-and-click interface.

Easily Add or Import Kafka APIs

With one click you can import your AsyncAPI specification for Kafka, which will automatically populate all your broker configurations, schemas, and topics into ReadyAPI so you can start running your tests quickly. Not using AsyncAPI … you can still add your Kafka Brokers and Topics via our creation tool.

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Create Kafka Tests Without Any Scripting or Code

ReadyAPI lets you incorporate advanced functionality without any complex scripting or burdensome navigation. Use the point-and-click capabilities to select actions or data and immediately include them in your test suite or easily build-out multi-step transactions to run functional and performance tests.

Effortlessly Add Complex Assertion Logic

Now you can effectively test asynchronous APIs where one test step receives multiple messages. Point and click functionality lets you easily add assertions to tests by simply right-clicking and choosing one of our built-in assertions.

What makes ReadyAPI stand out

In addition to creating functional and performance tests for Apache Kafka; ReadyAPI allows you to connect and test every API type; from legacy SOAP to REST services; GraphQL schemas to cutting-edge use cases leveraging MQTT. ReadyAPI also includes advanced capabilities for the following.

API Functional & Security Testing

Create comprehensive, data-driven functional API tests with or without scripts and add security scans with just a click.

API Performance Testing

Generate load, stress, and spike tests to validate whether your API can handle real-world traffic conditions.

API & Web Virtualization

Remove dependencies in your testing pipeline by virtualizing RESTful, SOAP, TCP, JMS, and other web services.


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ReadyAPI is an easy-to-use no-code API Testing platform designed to streamline your testing workflows.

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