Integration with popular technologies and systems in the software delivery lifecycle

Connecting new solutions in to the rest of your existing process is key to minimizing disruption while maximizing the added value those new solutions bring to the table. Web service testing with Ready API means that you have the world's most powerful API quality platform connected to the API industry's lead technologies and service providers.

Connect to your Git repos

For software teams using GitHub as a repository to store developer code, it makes perfect sense to store your API tests there too! Version control your tests, review project file history, and easy collaboration with other team members about your API tests using the ReadyAPI Git integration plugin.


Connect to git

Report Issues quickly with JIRA

Report Issues with JIRA

ReadyAPI integration to Atlassian JIRA now makes the process of reporting a bug found in testing as a project issue fast and painless. The faster bugs are found and reported, the easier it is to resolve them in the same cycle they were created, reducing total downstream time and opportunity cost for teams who need to deliver on time.


World's Easiest UI Automated Testing

With integration to TestComplete, the award-winning functional testing software for web, mobile, and desktop apps, you can run your front-end tests right alongside your SoapUI tests against API back-end services. This provides developers and testers a seamless approach to executing on an end-to-end quality strategy over their APIs and apps.


TestComplete Integration

Monitor your API Performance

Integrate with AlertSite

The ReadyAPI toolset integrates directly with SmartBear's AlertSite to provide seamless collaboration between development, testing, and operations teams. Using the same SoapUI test cases for functional API testing, API load testing, and API performance monitoring ensures that each step in your continuous delivery process produces reliable results and metrics.


Connect to your API Management Platform

For teams who already manage their APIs in another enterprise system, ReadyAPI comes prepared to connect into your portfolio of APIs deployed on:

  • 3scale API Platform.
  • WSO2 API Manager.
  • IBM API Management.
  • Mulesoft APIHub / RAML.
  • CA API Management Portal.
  • Intel / Mashery IO Docs.
  • Apiary / API-Blueprint.

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Got Selenium? No problem.

Include what you've already built with Selenium

If you already have a library of functional testing script built on the Selenium framework, ReadyAPI can run those too. Build your API quality strategy through the industry's most popular API testing tool, SoapUI, and include what you've already built in Selenium for your front-end tests seamlessly in minutes.


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