The Ready! API toolset includes:

It also includes a core set of features that is included in all of the tools and provides the real power of the platform. Each of these features is available in all of the tools so everyone can benefit from them.


Create and maintain all the information relating to your projects (tests, API configurations, tools, etc) in one place. All of the Ready! API tools work seamlessly with your projects as defined here.

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Metrics and Reporting

Ready! API uses a central reporting function to support all of its tools. Make sure you have the best and most current data available, no matter which actions you are performing with your API.

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Plugin Manager

Ready! API's plugin architecture makes extending the tool fast and easy. Use the plugin browser to find and install all available plugins, or use our Java/Groovy based framework to build your own.

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Script Support

Ready! API provides many options for scripting, using either Groovy or JavaScript as the scripting language. Script support and management is central to the platform so you can leverage that capability across all tools.

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The Discovery feature allows you to watch HTTP traffic in the Ready! API internal browser or through an external browser using a proxy. Ready! API will capture REST traffic within that activity and write it to a traffic log so you can browse through it for the specific traffic type you are interested in.

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