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AppDynamics is a leading application performance management platform that brings visibility into the entire structure of the application and all its components that make up the application backend. AlertSite’s integration with AppDynamics helps trace application performance errors back to the code level, helping you identify the internal erroneous component and fix it. Together, they give you 360 degree visibility into your application performance.

Axway API Gateway

Axway API Gateway provides everything you need to develop, integrate and manage APIs and web services that securely bridge back-end services. Integration to ReadyAPI makes it possible to quickly pull in your API descriptions and run functional, load, and security tests on them, as well as rapidly mock your APIs with service virtualization.

CA / Layer7 API Management

CA API Management is a hosted platform for developing and delivering enterprise APIs. ReadyAPI integrates with CA API Management Gateway (formerly Layer 7) to provide seamless import of hosted API definitions into SmartBear's API Readiness platform through which you can run functional, load, and security tests against your APIs. Importing definitions into ReadyAPI also provides the capability of rapidly creating mock services (API virtualization) and even using the same tests in production monitoring scenarios.


Git is the world's most popular version control system for code and other development artifacts. ReadyAPI integrates with Git to provide teams the capability of adding, modifying, and discarding changes made to repositories. You can also version control your tests, review project file history, and easy collaboration with other team members about your API tests using the ReadyAPI Git integration plugin.


GitHub is the most popular repository management tool used today. Collaborator extends the GitHub pull request capability by providing companies with the robust peer review workflow desired by real developers. Once configured, Collaborator will completely replace the yes/no GitHub pull request process, with an iterative review workflow that enables quality driven code review.

Peer Code Review from GitHub Pull Requests

IBM API Management

IBM Management is a platform to host, version, and collaborate about API designs. API teams and Bluemix shops using IBM API Management are empowered to comprehensively test their APIs through this integration to ReadyAPI. In increasingly complex ecosystems that employ microservices and containers, verifying the end-to-end quality of your APIs and IoT experiences is crucial to success. Once imported, you can easily perform functional, load, and security testing over the APIs in all your app stacks.


LucyBot is a tool to automatically generate API documentation and examples from API designs in Swagger. ReadyAPI integration make is easy to generate documentation directly from ReadyAPI using LucyBot functionality, to further enable fantastic documentation during API development and testing phases.

Microsoft Azure API Management

Microsoft Azure API Management is a platform to publish API endpoints and tie various systems like Stream Analytics, ISV partner integrations, and mobile apps together. ReadyAPI integration to Microsoft Azure API Management puts the power of the world's first and only API quality platform in your hands, speeding time to delivery, and giving you back precious cycles to innovate your own products and services.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the de facto standard for document creation. Using Collaborator's Microsoft Word add-in allows users to quickly attach documents to a review. Once the review has started, you can modify your document in Word and then easily upload your modifications to the existing review. This process ensures that all parties are kept up-to-date and sign-off on changes.

Try Collaborator to communicate and collaborate on Microsoft Word docs


PagerDuty is a leading incident management and alerting system that provides an effective way to manage incidents. AlertSite’s advanced alerting paired with PagerDuty’s on-call scheduling, escalation and notification features gives customers a highly efficient system to stay on top of their mission critical issues and tackle application performance issues before they hit your end users.

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