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LoadComplete is a desktop tool for load, stress, scalability testing of websites and web applications. Designed from the ground-up to help you focus on the tasks at hand, it does not require advanced programming skills. It works with both traditional HTML web sites and with Rich Internet Applications using modern web technologies like AJAX, ASP.NET, Java, Flash, Flex and Silverlight. The 'record and playpack' and 'visual programming' features enable you to create powerful and flexible first load test within a few seconds.

LoadComplete allows you to generate load from virtual machines, on-premise computers, or even the cloud. Customized reports in LoadComplete help you get end-to-end visibility and find problems at both client and server side.

Easy, Flexible and Affordable Load Testing for .NET and Java apps



Step-by-step instructions to prepare your Web application for optimal load testing.



Record multiple user traffic scenarios to match real-world dynamics.



Test your Web application under high-volume and stressed conditions.



Receive detailed metrics to help you understand and prevent web application breakdown.


LoadComplete Works With Your Favorite Technologies

Generate Load Easily and Quickly

LoadComplete makes load testing simple and convenient. Simulate users and create realistic load tests without writing a single line of code. LoadComplete allows you to easily generate traffic using the cloud, virtual machines, or even through on-premise computers. 

  • Create load tests within seconds using the record and playback feature.
  • Steadily ramp-up traffic and create custom load profiles for different geographical locations.
  • Generate different load testing scenarios without knowing any scripting languages.
  • Simulate traffic for different visitor types such as casual, business, and buyers, among others.
  • Define performance thresholds and get notified whenever a Quality of Service violation occurs.

Create Robust Tests for Websites, and Web Apps

Using LoadComplete, you can pinpoint performance issues for a variety of web and desktop applications. This in turn helps ensure these applications meet end user expectations and are ready for production workload.

  • Test application performance on a variety of browsers like IE, Firefox, and Chrome.
  • Simulate simultaneous requests at the click of a button.
  • Set up test validation rules and check for correct server behavior.
  • Customize characteristics such as browser type and connection speed to simulate real-world user behavior.
  • Increase test coverage using LoadComplete’s built-in data generator or by pulling in data from external sources such as excel, csv, text files, and databases.

Affordable and Scalable on Demand

LoadComplete allows you to launch tests from within or outside your firewall. Easily create tests by generating secure as well as non-secure traffic from the cloud or on-premise.

  • Scale up to 20,000 users and beyond in just a few seconds.Reduce hardware investment required to run a load test by generating up to 2,000 concurrent users per agent.
  • Combine test results from multiple work stations to scale upto 100,000 VU load tests
  • Distribute load tests among virtual machines, the cloud, and on-premise computers.
  • Estimate costs for different load testing scenarios before running tests from the cloud.

Get End-to-End Visibility

LoadComplete comes with detailed metrics and reports that help you get in-depth insights into infrastructure performance, application behavior, and end user experience. 

  • Gain end-to-end visibility using real-time server and client-side reports.
  • Use customizable reports to quickly identify performance issues and pinpoint their root cause.
  • Analyze server-side behavior through metrics such as CPU load and memory usage, among others.
  • Predefined reports such as page load time and time to first byte help you gain clearer insights into end user experience. 


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