Generate Application Models Faster in Two Clicks

TestLeft is an automated UI test framework for creating and running functional tests for Windows desktop and Web applications. With TestLeft, you can generate application models for webpage or desktop applications in just two clicks - saving you hundreds of hours of test creation. Simply drag and drop objects to get access to built-in properties, methods, and classes instantly all in a single file. Without having to manually program descriptions for every object, you can start running functional tests sooner to accelerate your shift left efforts. 

Automate in Two Clicks

Trusted by Hundreds of Developers and Testers

Fully Integrated in Development IDEs

Create functional automated tests in your favorite IDEs such as Visual Studio. No need to maintain and move to a different testing ecosystem to create and run automated tests. Quickly identify correct object properties and methods using visual tools. You can generate test code simply by dragging and dropping identifiers over objects on the screen.

Reduce Test Creation Time

You use TestLeft UI Spy to browse objects in Windows and web applications running on your local computer or on a remote machine. A quick search criteria list can be set up during your testing session to identify objects matching specified values and properties. Built-in methods and classes are also available for code completion and faster scripting.

Test Early, Test Often within Your DevOps Ecosystem

TestLeft seamlessly embeds into the development environment of your choice and your DevOps ecosystem. With hundreds of integrations with popular continuous integration tools, TestLeft fits perfectly into your CI/CD process, enabling you to run functional tests earlier in the SDLC than ever before.

See Why Users Love Testing with TestLeft

TestLeft is great and is exactly what we need in a testing solution. TestLeft basically integrates everything we were previously doing into Visual Studio and is easy to use and also keeps the test code simple.
Jonathan Meyer, QSoftware Test Engineer, BioFire Diagnostics, LLC

In an Agile world, teams are being asked to move faster — reducing the length of time to delivery while continuing to improve the quality of each release. At the same time, they are faced with increased pressure to reduce testing costs. This Agile approach means that different testers, with vastly different skillsets, are getting involved in the testing process. More specifically, it means that developers are being incorporated into the testing cycle earlier than ever before.

This movement in the testing world is commonly known as “shifting left”. TestLeft accelerates your shift left movement by reducing testing time, allowing you to deploy faster. TestLeft easily integrates with BDD frameworks and tools such as Cucumber, SpecFlow and JBehave to enable Behavior-Driven Development and accelerate shifting left. With one collaborative tool, everyone on your agile team, from business analysts to developers, can understand your codebase.

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