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Quickly generate application models and robust automated functional tests with industry-leading object recognition


Recognizing UI Objects with TestLeft

Object UI Spy: Having a robust object recognition is key to accurately identifying your UI objects and underlying properties in your application. TestLeft's UI Spy comes with built-in support for a wide range of technologies and 3rd party controls so you can find any UI element quickly and easily.

Application Models: An application model is the barebones of an application written in code. It consists of all the objects and properties within an application so developers or advanced testers don't have to manually program descriptions for every object property. TestLeft lets you generate application models for webpages and desktop applications in just two clicks.

Object Repository is a collection of object and properties within an application. When you generate an application model in TestLeft, all the objects and its properties are captured automatically and can be stored and maintained in one area, an object repository. 

Generate Application Models in Just Two Clicks

TestLeft lets you generate an application model for web or desktop applications in just two clicks, so you don't ever have to manually program descriptions for any object property. Just right-click your application and select “Copy Model” to auto-create countless lines of code, allowing you to speed up your test creation cycles and create robust and scalable functional UI tests instantly.

By auto-generating accurate step definitions in Java or C#, you can implement a true BDD process and accelerate shifting left.


Create Tests Faster with our Industry-Leading UI Spy

Our UI Spy Panel lets you view your entire application hierarchy of processes, windows, and controls that exist in your system - all in one area. Just drag and drop the object spy on any UI control and you will be able to identify multiple ways of recognizing objects, allowing you to access all unique identifiers on your user interface. You can then map your test objects to any application model and access the objects in your test code for faster functional test creation and easy test maintenance.

Create Tests Faster with our Industry-Leading UI Spy

Easy Application Model Updates with Every Deployment

TestLeft has built-in robust object recognition capabilities to ensure you can execute the same automated test without any modifications. If any property in your application or UI changes, you can count on TestLeft for quick and easy updates. Right-click on the object hierarchy and select “Highlight on Screen” to locate a specific object in your application and cascade the update across all your test cases and application models.

Easy Application Model Updates with Every Deployment


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