TestLeft Features

Run Functional UI Tests from your favorite IDEs, Enable BDD, & Integrate with Your DevOps Ecosystem


Testleft empowers developers and advanced testers to build and run functional UI tests for web and desktop applications from within their favorite IDEs. With support for Visual Studio and Java IDEs such as IntelliJ and Eclipse, developers never have to leave the comfort of their ecosystem to validate application quality - meaning teams can quickly and easily shift left to deliver software faster.

Key features and capabilities in TestLeft include:

  • Robust object recognition and automatic application model generation for quick and accurate functional UI testing
  • Support for behavior-driven development (BDD) language Gherkin, as well as BDD methods and tools including Cucumber, SpeckFlow and JBehave
  • Built-in methods, templates and support for unit testing frameworks includingMSTest, NUnit, and TestNG and any tools in your DevOps ecosystem.

Shift Left with Behavior Driven Development

Choose from popular BDD frameworks to run your functional tests against Gherkin requirements.

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Continuous Integration with your DevOps Ecosystem

Build a faster CI/CD pipeline by testing earlier and more often in your DevOps Ecosystem.

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Built-In IDE Methods, Libraries and Testing Frameworks

Don't start from scratch. Access to IDE methods and BDD or Unit testing frameworks will help you get up and running with TestLeft quickly.

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Automated Functional Testing for Developers

Build, Automate, and Analyze functional UI tests for web and desktop applications.

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Object UI Spy and Application Model Generator

Generate application models in just two clicks and build functional tests from your IDE with our industry-leading object recognition algorithm.

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Test Reporting & Analysis

Analyze your test results for faster debugging and share results with developers and other stakeholders after each test run.

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Free TestLeft Training and Support

Join a TestLeft 101, 201 or 301 class to become an expert with the top developer tool for shifting left.

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Why is TestLeft a Better Fit for You

Compare and Contrast value driving features for you and your testing needs

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Test earlier and more often by running UI desktop and web tests from within IDEs like Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA & Eclipse.

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