Cross-Browser and Technology Support

TestLeft comes with support for  a wide range technologies, including .NET, Winforms, WPF, Java, HTML5, and AngularJS. It’s perfect for easily creating functional tests on an exhaustive range of browsers, right from legacy versions of Internet Explorer, to the latest releases of Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. Multiple 3rd party controls are supported out of the box. Examples include Infragistics, DevExpress, Syncfusion, Telerik among others.

Snapshot Capture

Pinpoint issues easily and quickly using screenshots and details captured for test failures. It’s perfect for testing responsive web design across a wide range of browsers as well as devices having different screen sizes and resolutions.

Integration with TestComplete

Bring tests created in TestLeft over to TestComplete so that non-programmers can use them. The seamless integration is perfect for enabling and encouraging dev-QA collaboration within agile teams. Get a quick comprehensive report across both these tools during the testing session. These reports can also be exported to different formats such as HTML, XML or MHT. 

Pre-installed Developer Tools

Explore and examine application under test (AUT) including their controls and UI elements with a built-in spy. Get out of the box direct access to native properties and methods of an object. This way you can find accurate and unique identifiers for different objects on the user interface, thereby ensuring tests don’t break with the changes in the AUT. Built-in search functions are really useful for deep diving into object hierarchy and trees.

Build Reusable Test Modules

Create one test and use it multiple times across different test cases. You can either reuse tests across the same project or even bring them over to another project. This helps avoid duplication and reduce maintenance efforts. 

Built-In Libraries and Methods

TestLeft comes with an access to extensive and feature-rich libraries for .NET and other third party components. It’s perfect for performing different checks across a wide variety of UI elements such as buttons, dialogs, pop ups etc., without having to spend time writing custom methods manually. Similar libraries are also available for identifying controls that vary across different applications such as WinForms, JavaFX, and Qt. Built-in classes and methods that come with TestLeft can be used for performing different actions on any of the identified controls. 

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