Fast & Intelligent Alerting

Be the first to know when your applications and APIs are slow or down

Fast and Intelligent Alerting

What's the point of investing in an early warning system that cries wolf? AlertSite alerts are the mose accurate and the fastest in the market today. You may not hear from us often, but when you do, the right people are engaged, so you spring into action immediately with actionable insights in every alert.

  • Real-Time Alerts - Sent Directly from the Node
  • Retry Logic - Validates failure before sending
  • Delivery flexibilty - text, email, phone, and more. Even integrate with your team's incident management system.

Contextual Alerts

AlertSite provides context and actionable data in each alert, so recipients can immediately make data driven decisions for remediation steps. Accelerate your MTTR with alerts that isolate failure points, empowering you to quickly and effectively diagnose the cause of deviation or failure and reduce downtime. With custom templates, error-code routing, and root-cause identification, recipients are armed to fix any performance issues immediately.

Accuracy and Precision

AlertSite alerts are sent with accuracy and precision, so you engage the right people when it matters most. Our advanced global network intelligence validates failure, alert type, and alert routing before you ever receive an alert, so that each alert is accurate and targeted. AlertSite rotates test locations, retries monitor steps at the onset of a failure, and will retest from another location to validate failure. And in the event that your website, applications, or APIs are deviate from your performance thresholds, AlertSite sends the right alert, to the right person, in real time.

Screen Capture Upon Error

When something goes wrong, you need to know how to best respond. We totally get that. That's why our alerts provide contextual information, so you can identify issues and fix them fast. When Errors occur, AlertSite will capture the error screen and compare it to what was the expected screen would look like.

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