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Our pricing is tailored to fit the unique needs of each of our partners. With Usage-Based Monitoring, you are able to customize plans based on your monitoring needs and budget, so that your monitoring solution promotes a more cost-effective, flexible price structure.  We work hand-in-hand with you to design a solution that will best benefit your goals.


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What is Usage-Based Monitoring?

Usage-Based Monitoring is AlertSite's flexible pricing model which fits your diverse monitoring needs. Take complete control of the monitoring frequency, locations you monitor from and how much you per for monitoring services. Pay only for the measurements you intend to use.

Tell me more about the flexibility.

Glad you asked! AlertSite allows you to modify your monitoring frequency and monitor types at any time. Dial the frequency down when you require fewer measurements taken per day, turn it up if you need more visibility. You can change the services you use at any time - add, delete and stop monitors based on your needs.

What is a measurement?

A “measurement” is defined as a single monitoring event from a single location, whether it’s API monitoring, Web performance monitoring, or a DéjàClick™ action. If you are monitoring a website from 3 locations concurrently, that is counted as 3 measurements. If you are monitoring a DéjàClick transaction that contains 5 steps (actions) from 2 locations, that is 10 measurements.

How can I calculate the number of measurements I need?

Leave it to us. Contact Sales or your account manager to discus your monitoring requirements - we will calculate the measurements for you based on the frequency and locations and work collaboratively with you to ensure each requirement is satisfied. 

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