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With comprehensive synthetic monitoring functionalities, you'll have unmatched observability into your web, API, and application performance.

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Geographical Coverage


Limited geographic coverage after migrating to cloud locations, meaning insights are completely lost from key areas like New York, Boston, and Atlanta.


Our advanced global network spans over 350 global nodes across the world to give you real time insight into performance in every location.

Alert Accuracy


Bombarded with false alerts, teams are forced to rely on alert suppression and manual efforts to identify problems. A lack of validation strains the remediation process, increasing the time-to-resolution.


AlertSite validates failure, alert type, and alert routing before you ever receive an alert, so that each alert is accurate and targeted. AlertSite rotates test locations, retries monitor steps at the onset of a failure, and will retest from another location to validate failure. 

Ease of Use


Monitor creation and maintenance is labor intensive, especially for monitoring APIs and SLAs. Implementation can be costly and difficult.


Adding and maintaining monitors in AlertSite is easy, whether its creating new monitors natively with URLs, recording transactions with our web recorder- DejaClick, or reusing functional test scripts or API definitions. 

Licensing Costs


With an expensive cost model and removed features, achieving a return on investment becomes more and more difficult. Scaling as your enterprise grows can be very costly.


AlertSite’s pricing model is inherently flexible and afforable, designed to meet the needs of a modern, dynamic business. As your business evolves, AlertSite can scale with you, at a lower cost than the rest of the market.

Support Quality and Timeliness


Slow to respond and often provide insufficient guidance about how to implement product capabilities, integrate tools, and work around product issues.


Our Customer Support and Customer Care teams build relationships that transcend the stereotypical vendor relationship. We truly want you to get the best bang for your buck, and go the extra mile to make sure you can succeed.

Move from Dynatrace to AlertSite today and get better support and lower costs. Get up-and-running quickly with a straightforward migration process. It’s a no brainer.

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We can conduct tests before applications go live to ensure they are ready to transact business and then monitor them continuously in case any future conditions impact their performance. With AlertSite tracking application performance 24x7, we are able to resolve issues well before they impact our business partners and customers.

Jeff Palmiero, Manager of Application Performance Monitoring, Raymond James

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