Alert Accuracy is Everything

AlertSite Eliminates the Stress of False Alerts

You shouldn’t have to sift through the barrage of alerts or resort to tuning them out altogether. With AlertSite you receive alerts that are accurate, targeted, and provide you with the information you need to better manage your digital performance and spring into action when something is amiss.

We Know When You Need To Know

With the simplest, robust configuration methods ever, AlertSite knows what failure means to you, and when you need to know about it. AlertSite monitor and alert settings let you get granular with your preferences, without complex configurations. Monitor and alert preferences fuse to create a powerful set of validation checks, ensuring each alert is relevant to you and routed to the right person. Set performance monitor and alert preferences, like run intervals, step timeouts, global location selections, blackout periods, and more in a few simple clicks. Capture critical, unique user journeys and manage your complete end-user digital experience with ease.

  • Monitor your applications, APIs, and website performance
  • Set monitor and alert schedules, blackout periods, retry options, and more
  • Apply static and dynamic alert thresholds
  • Determine the number of failures required to trigger an alert

A Smarter Network Means Smarter Alerts

You only want receive alerts when something is actually awry, and we get that.

Our advanced global network intelligence validates failure, alert type, and alert routing before you ever receive an alert, so that each alert is accurate and targeted. AlertSite rotates test locations, retries monitor steps at the onset of a failure, and will retest from another location to validate failure. And in the event that your website, applications, or APIs are deviate from your performance thresholds, AlertSite sends the right alert, to the right person, in real time.

  • Retry logic upon first failure
  • Alert recipient and group routing based on error-code
  • Test from over 85 global locations, monitoring internally and externally
  • Define validations and assertions
  • Integrations - PagerDuty, Slack, Splunk, VictorOps, and more

React With Facts

AlertSite provides context and actionable data in each alert, so recipients can immediately make data driven decisions for remediation steps. Accelerate your MTTR with alerts that isolate failure points, empowering you to quickly and effectively diagnose the cause of deviation or failure and reduce downtime. With custom templates, error-code routing, and root-cause identification, recipients are armed to fix any performance issues immediately.

  • Root-Cause Analysis
  • Object Level Performance Details
  • Error-Code Alert Routing
  • Location Failure Identification

Think FAST

Sent directly from our network of over 350 global nodes, AlertSite alerts are faster and more accurate than you’ve seen before. Receive performance alerts and availability alerts in real time, and protect your digital performance.

  • Application performance management alerts
  • API sequencing and API assertion validation
  • Website performance alerts, website availability alerts, and more

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