SmartBear Joins MathWorks Connections Program

Code and peer review tool, Collaborator, is accepted into MathWorks Connections Program based on its seamless Simulink add-on module
Somerville — October 26, 2021 —

SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and quality solutions, announced it has become a member of the MathWorks Connections Program. Collaborator, the company’s premier peer code, artifact, and document review tool, has been accepted as a member of the program based on its seamless Simulink® add-on module. The module enables Collaborator customers to engage in quality, efficient, collaborative artifact review of their Simulink models. Simulink is a model-based design tool developed by MathWorks that empowers companies to design multidomain models, simulate their functions, and deploy them without having to write code.  

The MathWorks Connections Program is available to third-party organizations that develop and distribute complementary, commercially available products, training, and consulting based on MATLAB® and Simulink. These partner offerings address technical needs across a wide range of applications and industries worldwide with software and hardware products that extend the usage of MATLAB and Simulink. These solutions seamlessly integrate with MathWorks products and ensure ongoing compatibility in conjunction with new MathWorks releases.  

“The admission of Collaborator to the MathWorks Connections Program gives Collaborator additional exposure to existing Simulink customers that are looking to enhance their peer review workflow,” said Justin Collier, Director of Product Management at SmartBear. “As a program member, Collaborator continues its commitment to assisting companies that engage in collaborative, efficient review workflows focused on delivering quality first.”  

Collaborator is the premier code, artifact, and document peer review tool for development teams who are determined to catch costly errors early in the development cycle. Earlier this year, Collaborator expanded its review capabilities to model-based design by introducing an add-on module with Simulink. The new module gives development teams a collaborative and comprehensive differences-based review capability for Simulink models via a defined and effective peer review workflow that ensures software quality.  

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On November 4th, SmartBear will present a webinar titled, “Streamlining Simulink Reviews with Git in Collaborator.” To RSVP, go to: 

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