SmartBear Extends Peer Code and Document Review to Support Simulink

New Collaborator Simulink add-on module allows easiest, most efficient review of Simulink models to ensure optimum workflow and quality
SOMERVILLE — May 06, 2021 —

SmartBear, a leading provider of software development and quality tools, has extended its peer code and document review capabilities to support the efficient review of Simulink® models. With the new module, Collaborator now allows the easiest review of Simulink, the simulation and model-based design tool, inside the company’s leading peer code and document review tool for optimum workflow and ensuring software quality. 

“Simulink models can be complex with multiple layers, and until now, many users did not have an easy way to effectively peer review and document their findings,” said Brian Downey, Senior Vice President of Product at SmartBear. “This is a natural progression for Collaborator, extending beyond traditional code and document review, to unify and support other engineering disciplines and artifacts in a single, enhanced peer review tool.” 

Today, engineers use built-in tools to review Simulink models but do not have a comprehensive review workflow and process beyond capturing feedback in a spreadsheet or document. Collaborator’s new Simulink review support provides a robust peer review workflow that can be conducted online or in-person, helping to ensure defects are found, tracked, and addressed before being shipped further downstream. 

“For years now, we have been evaluating tools to support collaborative peer review of MATLAB Simulink files without much luck,” said Michael Coury, Senior Engineering Manager, Software Development at Xalt Energy. “With Collaborator’s new Simulink module, we are excited to finally bring Simulink diagrams into our collaborative review process.” 

Collaborator’s new Simulink module also ensures a defined peer review process, all appropriate team members are included, correct data is captured all in one place, and audit compliance for regulated systems is met. 

Simulink is a block diagram environment for simulation and model-based design of multidomain and embedded engineering systems. 

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