End-to-End Document Review and Management – Collaborator Announces Support of Simulink

In some ways, the most valuable contribution of the project owner is to deliver a reviewed set of documents, code, and peer insights. However, this level of collaboration for models and equations can be challenging, and manual/visual inspection could lead to errors. 

Many Simulink users do not have an easy way to achieve collaborative, peer-reviewed models. The new Simulink support on Collaborator allows users to upload Simulink models directly, display those models in the UI, and highlight differences between the same model as changes occur. Just as with code and document review, users get an effective review of the workflow and can even add comments on defects. 

A quick snapshot of what we covered during the session:

  • Introduction to SmartBear's product family
  • Premier of the new Collaborator & Simulink support
  • Demo of the Simulink integration & model import
  • Q&A session
Duration: 60 minutes

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