Streamlining Simulink Reviews with Git in Collaborator

In April of 2021, SmartBear released Collaborator 13.6 into the wild. This new release added oft-requested support for review capabilities for Simulink models. This first iteration gave the user an option to create reviews for Simulink artifacts through the export of model into an html web-format zip package, followed by a manual upload of that zip package into a Collaborator review. Our second development option also added a plug-in for MATLAB that gave the users an option to create reviews and append Simulink models to existing reviews straight from MATLAB without having to export the web view or even leave the MATLAB environment.

With many organizations requiring more stringent source-control over their Simulink models, Collaborator version 13.7 added a third option that incorporates Git workflow for Simulink models. Installing an instance of MATLAB with Simulink and the Report Generation toolbox on your Collaborator server enables the creation of the required web view packages for Simulink files arriving on the Collaborator server directly from a Git Pull Request.

Today we’ll look briefly at the previous options for Simulink reviews, and explore the Git repository option in the workflow for review of Simulink models.

Highlights include:

  • Manual Simulink Reviews
  • The Collaborator plug-in for Simulink
  • Simulink Git repository configuration and workflow in Collaborator
Duration: 45 minutes

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