Case Study: QualityMine Corporation

QualityMine Corporation uses TestComplete to build robust test automation frameworks that overcome some of today's test automation challenges

About QualityMine Corporation

QualityMine helps companies to design and implement test automation suites and frameworks to accelerate time to market for software products with the highest quality. Implementing test automation with QualityMine’s solution helps initiate test automation effort, alleviate resource constraints, reduce time to diagnose issues and test reports, and effectively maintain automated tests.

Overcoming Test Automation Challenges

"TestComplete is flexible and its powerful integrated development environment allows us to implement robust test automation frameworks that overcome test automation challenges. Over a decade on working with different test automation tools, TestComplete is one high quality test automation tool that I have seen for years. Its design is well thought out and its great usability helps tremendously for our QA staff to automate tests much more efficiently. Perhaps one of the most important features is the open architecture that allows working intimately with the objects in the AUT itself. Another important feature is the vast support of different platforms and browsers that allows our team to automate across different applications without the need to switch between different tools," said Terry Wong from QualityMine.

"Not all tools are created equal. A lot of tools out there limit users with the record and playback paradigm. For more serious test automation tasks, TestComplete provides us the flexibility to implement automation frameworks that are highly reusable and maintainable across builds and different applications that can quickly boost automated test coverage and maintain existing automated test suites with ease. TestComplete is a significant time-saver and a great return on investment for us,"
Terry Wong, from QualityMine

Reliability is a Key Factor

Terry explained why reliability is so important to QualityMine: "We’ve automated hundreds of tests using TestComplete mainly on the Windows platform. It is very reliable both during automated test development and unattended test execution. This is certainly a key success factor that allows test automation to deliver its value as promised. We are able to run hundreds of tests continuously without any hiccups. I was very impressed with this relatively new product in the market and will certainly recommend TestComplete to anyone starting their test automation projects."

TestComplete allows QualityMine the flexibility in their development environment to successfully develop a robust and reliable test automation framework, while experiencing time savings and a big return on their investment.

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