Proteans is an outsourcing company focusing on software product development and business application development on Microsoft Technology Platform. Proteans partners with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), System Integrators and IT teams of businesses to develop software products. Our technology focus and significant experience in software product development- designing, building, and releasing world-class, robust and scalable software products help us to reduce time-to-market, cut costs, reduce business risk and improve overall business results for our customers.

Proteans' “CRM product Development” project involves development and maintenance of products on Microsoft CRM for a leading Microsoft Dynamics ISV (“ISV”) based out of Atlanta, GA. The ISV provides add-on products, industry solutions and development tools for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. The products are used worldwide in more than 8 languages.

Proteans partners with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), system integrators and IT teams of businesses to develop software products that run on a wide range of environments. Manual testing proved to be impossible with the number of resources involved so they turned to TestComplete for help.

Problems with Manual Testing

"Testing products designed to run on wide range of environments and configurations over distributed networks is pretty challenging. And setting up the respective environment and subsequent manual testing turns out to be tedious and error prone. Testing multiple builds on a single day becomes impossible with a limited number of software test engineers," said Prashant Singh from Proteans.

Choosing TestComplete

To overcome the difficulties in manual testing, Proteans did an analysis of various testing tools and found TestComplete to be the right choice. "We have chosen TestComplete based on its edge in functionality, extensibility, cost and ability of our engineers to use the tool quickly. Its support of multiple scripting languages allows developers to write scripts rather than just leaving it up to the QA Teams to develop the tests," said Prashant.

Less Work, More Accuracy

Prashant said that TestComplete has a robust and extensive feature set, "Many of the features contribute greatly towards decreasing testing efforts and increasing accuracy of test results at the same time. Features such as Distributed Network Testing, Object Driven Testing and HTTP Load testing have been especially useful for us. We also liked the capability to invoke .NET applications and scripts to call functions located in .NET assemblies. TestComplete also deals well with web controls, Win32, MSAA interface, and custom controls, which enables it to cover our product development scenarios."

Limited Testing Before Automation

"Before automation started, we sometimes had to limit testing of our products to certain environments as a trade-off between limited resources and time to market. With TestComplete, we no longer have to worry about this," said Prashant.

Distributed Network Testing Increases Quality

Prashant said that they frequently run network suite tests, "Setups and products need to be run on various i18n environments. The Distributed Network Testing feature in TestComplete allows us to run the test suites in various i10n and i18n environments simultaneously. This saves us a considerable amount of time and resources. With the help of the Distributed Network Testing feature we have increased the quality of our products."

Repeatable and Reliable Regression Testing

"When there is a change in development (including minor changes), the whole testing cycle needs to be re-run. We are now able to manage this effort well with the automated regression suite, which makes the processes easily repeatable and reliable," said Prashant.

Early Bug Detection Improves Releases

"Finding bugs in the early stages of iteration helped us meet deadlines and ensures that a higher quality product is delivered. We now do a better job of scheduling testing tasks and meeting the release deadlines during the product’s lifecycle." said Prashant.

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