OCERIS is strictly focused on producing the highest quality software for the medical industry. Recognizing the lack of easy-to-use, intuitive software, OCERIS created FlexMedical to bring medical software up-to-date. With such a high focus on building quality software, OCERIS chose TestComplete for their automated software testing.

An Amazing Difference

"As our application grew, our manual testing became a disaster of inconsistencies and missed bugs. After a couple of releases with blatant bugs that should have been caught before release, we knew we had to do something else. We started developing automated tests with another product and learned how complicated it was. One day when I was particularly frustrated with the tool we were using, I read an article about TestComplete and decided to give it a try. The difference between the two products was amazing, while the price was almost the same. I couldn’t believe how much better, and more powerful, TestComplete was. I was sold instantly," said Ryan McGinty from OCERIS.

Endless Possibilities

"Our FlexMedical application is a very large, wide scope, application. It scans, faxes, and prints, so it has to interact with many pieces of hardware and many pieces of the operating system. Just getting a core test to start the app and configure it from the ground up was incredibly hard to do with other test programs. With TestComplete, we were able to script practically everything, and anything that we couldn’t script, we could write a DLL that could be called from a script giving us endless possibilities," said Ryan.

Eliminating Manual Testing

"The monotony of manual regression testing has been completely eliminated by using TestComplete. Our time is now focused on generating new features and not on making sure that our old code still works. It reduces the number of people that have to spend their time manually testing the product," said Ryan.

Improved Product Confidence

"Product confidence is much higher now that the product is under automated testing. The tests are run as part of our daily build process so we can get an idea of what is working and what is not every day. In the past we’d have that information only a few times a year since it was such an ordeal to fully test the product manually," said Ryan.

TestComplete Qualities

Ryan explained what qualities of TestComplete really helped their testing: "TestComplete's powerful scripting engine allows us to do just about anything. Automating very complex UI tests is very easy to do with TestComplete, making testing something that is looked at with enthusiasm instead of dread. The ability for it to integrate with AQtime helps considerably since coverage and allocation profiling are things that really go hand in hand with automated testing."

"TestComplete can test nearly every project we have ever needed testing on. It is incredibly flexible, but more than that, it is incredibly powerful. The scripting engine is incredible and allows for real programming concepts, not just a linear script. The ability to use procedures, arrays, databases, and a lot more gives you all the power you need to test anything."
— Ryan McGinty, from OCERIS

Benefits and Results

"If you aren’t doing automated testing, you're just asking for more problems and more time wasted on fixing things after the fact. If you're using another product for testing, you should look at TestComplete. It's a great application that's easy to use, extremely powerful, can test just about any kind of application, and when combined with AQtime, can basically be an entire QA department without having to hire any new employees," said Ryan.

TestComplete has allowed OCERIS to eliminate manual testing while decreasing the amount of bugs, time and money spent on testing their FlexMedical application.

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