LunaWarehouse is a commercial and residential lighting retailer with approximately 2,000 customers and four employees. Based in Atlanta, Ga., Luna has been in business for about two years and conducts the majority of its business online. Similar to many other Internet start-up companies, Luna needed to build its brand reputation to increase its customer base through quality products, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. Because shoppers are concerned about site vulnerability and breaches that might compromise their personal information, Luna took immediate action.

With media coverage about data security breaches and identity theft at an all-time high, one of the first things customers often do when visiting an online retail site is assess security. Businesses are continually looking for ways to improve site protection and, ultimately, brand reputation. Retailers risk losing sales to other, more secure sites if they do not clearly indicate their site is protected by a trusted vendor.

If LunaWarehouse’s online location did not appeal to potential buyers, the company could not make a profit. Luna quickly realized that product selection and price were not enough to attract and retain customers. They also needed to provide a safe, reliable shopping experience, which would help establish LunaWarehouse as a trusted retailer and a dependable brand. The company needed a vulnerability scanning vendor that provided a cost-effective service. They evaluated three different security scanning solutions by weighing peer input and feedback from current customers, as well as price.

LunaWarehouse was first attracted to AlertSite by noticing its SAFE SITE logo on several retail sites. In addition, they noticed AlertSite was often discussed on Web-security forums. After additional research—which included speaking to SmartBear customers using AlertSite—Luna was impressed with the positive feedback, particularly from smaller, Internet-based clients. Luna felt SmartBear offered good value for AlertSite's high-level, thorough security vulnerability assessment and monitoring. In short, Luna determined SmartBear offered the services they needed at a cost within their budget.

The AlertSite team began daily vulnerability scans of the LunaWarehouse Web site in October 2006, monitoring the site to identify any threats or possible hacker intrusions and then compiling the data into a report. In addition, the AlertSite SAFE SITE seal is clearly displayed on Luna’s site and is easily accessible to customers. According to Luna, the AlertSite services have had an immediate and positive impact on their business. Inquiries about the site’s safety have decreased, and traffic has increased.

“With the majority of our products online, it’s reassuring to know that the LunaWarehouse brand is protected at all times. We want customers to feel comfortable shopping on our Web site. The value for the services AlertSite provides is paramount to our success.”
— Kate Hiscox, Co-Founder, LunaWarehouse

LunaWarehouse attracts a solid, loyal customer base by offering a wide selection of quality products at competitive prices, as well as a trusted brand name. The company uses SmartBear's AlertSite security vulnerability scanning services to accurately and cost effectively monitor the site. Today LunaWarehouse has a growing reputation for reliability and responsive customer service. The company anticipates an increase in business over the next six months, which they can attribute, in part, to the AlertSite security vulnerability scanning services. As a result, they plan to evaluate other AlertSite services from SmartBear, including Web performance monitoring and DéjàClick, the first-ever inside-the-browser Web performance monitoring system. “The online small-business community often shares insights and advice through online forums,” says Hiscox. “We still hear other companies complain about hackers and other security issues. Because we are so happy with AlertSite, we are quick to let our peers know about the solutions AlertSite has to offer.”

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