Monitor REST and SOAP APIs 24x7

API Availability, Performance and Functional Correctness

APIs are taking the world by a storm. As you strive to deliver world class web, mobile and SaaS applications, make sure the APIs that power them are running smoothly.

AlertSite makes it easier than ever to monitor your internal, partner, or public APIs - REST or SOAP - effortlessly.  Create an API endpoint monitor natively in AlertSite, or reuse OpenAPI/Swagger definitions and SoapUI tests to monitor complex API transactions where APIs need to be invoked in sequence with the appropriate set of contextual data. 

  • Go Beyond Simple Endpoint Check
  • Get Alerted to Performance Anomalies
  • Monitor Around the Globe and Behind the Firewall
  • Start with Existing OpenAPI/Swagger Defintions or SoapUI Tests

Ensure Complete API Quality - Not Just 200 OK

  • Just checking the API endpoint is responsiveness is not enough when your applications depend on APIs. AlertSite helps you test the functionality, performance, correctness, and speed of the API call.
  • Easily create advanced API monitors right from the dashboard, or simply by reusing your existing OpenAPI/Swagger defintions or SoapUI functional tests.
  • Monitor chained API transactions where APIs need to be invoked in sequence, and contextual data needs to be passed from one call to the next.
Ensure Complete API Quality - Not Just 200 OK
Drive Consistency and Quality Across Your Organization

Drive Consistency and Quality Across Your Organization

  • From Designing APIs using OpenAPI Specifications 
  • To Testing APIs with SoapUI
  • To Monitoring APIs with AlertSite

Promote API integrity across departments by leveraging specifications and tests you've already defined. Getting up and running in AlertSite is quick and easy, simply paste the URL of the API endpoint you want to monitor, import your OAS/Swagger definiton, or import the SoapUI functional tests you've created to monitor key transactions that are vital to your business. 

Increase Agility for DevOps Teams and CICD Initiatives

  • Deliver your APIs faster by monitoring in your pre-production environments 
  • Fuel interoperability between departments by using OAS/Swagger definitions and SoapUI tests, as well as sharing API monitor data and alerts with relevant stakeholders.
  • Leverage AlertSite's API to automate processes within your organization
Increase Agility for DevOps Teams and CICD Initiatives

Monitor the Public or Partner APIs you Consume

  • You may not be providing APIs, but it is highly likely that your consuming them daily.  Services such as location or mapping are common third-party APIs that you might use.
  • What happens to your business if they are unavailable, slow or incorrect? Monitor the 3rd party APIs you consume and verify that they are returning right data every time. 
  • Detect API issues early on and hold your API vendors accountable.


Monitor Internal APIs and Web Services

  • Microservices and APIs are critical part of modern applications. Slow or dysfunctional internal APIs affect your internal applications and decelerate innovation.
  • Monitor internal APIs that serve your internal customers from within your private network using our private nodes placed in your local network, data center, or private cloud. 
  • Monitoring APIs continually throughout the CI cycle and detect and fix issues early on, aiding to continuous deployment and DevOps initiatives.

No One Knows APIs like SmartBear Does

AlertSite is a product of SmartBear Software, the creators of

  • SoapUI - the most popular API testing tool in the world,
  • Ready API - SmartBear's API readiness platform, and
  • Swagger - the most innovative API framework 

AlertSite seamlessly integrates with OpenAPI/Swagger definitions, SoapUI, and Ready API so that you take your functional testing efforts to the next level - monitoring functionality globally or from within your network. 

AlertSite, Your API Readiness Partner

Monitor Globally or within your Network

  • Monitor APIs from an independent network of over 350 nodes located globally
  • Or monitor within your network, behind your firewall.

Reuse Existing Functional Scripts

  • Seamlessly integrate with OpenAPI/Swagger defintions, SoapUI, and Ready API
  • Reuse existing functional scripts created by dev/test teams
  • Monitor actual functionality of APIs

Complete Picture of Application Health

  • Correlate API performance to application performance
  • Find & fix API issues early to speed up delivery
  • Monitor internal, partner and 3rd party APIs

Proactively Find and Fix Issues

  • Engage the right people at the right time
  • Fastest and most intelligent alerting
  • Root cause analysis & transaction tracing

Increase ROI

  • Easy to deploy
  • Cost effective
  • Fastest Time to Value
  • Monitor APIs, web, mobile, and SaaS applications in one unified platform
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