API Monitoring

Leverage the only codeless Synthetic Monitoring Tool for API Transactions, built on the SoapUI functional test engine.


Monitor API Availability, Performance and Functional Correctness

As you strive to deliver world class web, mobile and SaaS applications, make sure the APIs that power them are running smoothly. AlertSite makes it easier than ever to monitor your private, partner, or public APIs - REST or SOAP - effortlessly. 

  • Monitor API Transactions
  • Alert the right team immediately
  • Monitor public & private APIs
  • Reuse existing SoapUI functional tests or Swagger/OpenAPI Files to automate monitor creation
Ensure Complete API Quality - Not Just 200 OK

Ensure Complete API Quality- Not Just 200 OK

  • Avoid 'false positives' from just availability 200 OK checks
  • Verify API speed, performance, and payloads return the right data
  • Test API performance and verify functionality in production (or pre-prod like staging environments)
  • Codeless Monitor creation - simply paste the Endpoint URL or reuse API functional tests

AlertSite monitors the functionality, performance, correctness, and speed of every API call. Easily create advanced API monitors right from the dashboard, or simply by reusing your existing OpenAPI/Swagger defintions or SoapUI functional tests.

Be the First to Know When API Performance Degrades

Alert the Right Team- Be the First to Know When API Performance Degrades

  • Route Alerts by error code, step level, team, and more!
  • Be the first to know about API issues with alerts sent directly from the monitoring nodes
  • Get instant actionable insights to isolate the root cause and reduce downtime
  • Engage subject matter experts right away by using our advanced customizations, targeting, and routing.

Get Visibility into API Transactions- Monitor End-to-End API Performance

  • Validate Payloads to ensure APIs return the right data
  • Monitor each step in the series of API calls to ensure correctness and performance
  • Add Assertions for API payloads with JSON and XML assertions
  • Test-on-demand functionalities from our 350 global nodes

With no false alarmshybrid deployment options, and codeless scripting, AlertSite API Monitoring offers comprehensive, actionable insights into everything from availability, redirects, and authentication, to sequenced API calls that require the passing of variables pulled from the previous API responses.

Monitor Private APIs and Web Services

Monitor Private APIs and Web Services

  • Monitor Private APIs with the same rigor as externally facing APIs
  • Monitor from key locations in your enterprise, even in private networks
  • Deploy on an Endpoint Agent, VMWare, HyperV, or a pre-configured server

Microservices and APIs are critical part of modern applications. Slow or dysfunctional internal APIs affect your internal applications and decelerate innovation. Monitor internal APIs that serve your internal customers from within your private network using our private nodes placed in your local network, data center, or private cloud. Monitoring APIs continually throughout the CI cycle and detect and fix issues early on, aiding to continuous deployment and DevOps initiatives.

76% of teams that have a formal API monitoring process & view monitoring a top priority resolve API performance issues within the first 24 hours.

Start Monitoring APIs

Compare Runscope & Postman - Unmatched API Monitoring Coverage

AlertSite outmatches Runscope and Postman in monitoring capabilities, alerting, and support. Runscope and Postman are suitable for users trying to run a simple test or monitor run, but for long term, comprehensive API Monitoring AlertSite is a better fit for Ops and DevOps teams. Ops and DevOps teams alike can stand up complex, functional and performance monitors in just a few clicks.

See how AlertSite stacks up

Feature Runscope Postman AlertSite
Monitor both UI layer and API layer 
SLA Reporting & Alerting
Granular Alert Targeting
Failure validations/retry before alert
Programmatic control (API)
Streamline Monitor Creation & Decrease MTTR

Streamline Monitor Creation & Decrease MTTR

  • From Designing APIs using OpenAPI Specifications 
  • To Testing APIs with SoapUI
  • To Monitoring APIs with AlertSite
  • Debug Faster, Identify Root-Cause easier, Decrease MTTR.

Promote API integrity across departments by leveraging specifications and tests you've already defined. Getting up and running in AlertSite is quick and easy, simply paste the URL of the API endpoint you want to monitor, import your OAS/Swagger definiton, or import the SoapUI functional tests you've created to monitor key transactions that are vital to your business. 

Increase Agility for DevOps Teams and CICD Initiatives

  • Programmatically control and automate processes with AlertSite's REST API. Check out our API documentation
  • Deliver your APIs faster by testing on demand in your test and staging environments before pushing to production
  • Reuse the OpenAPI (or Swagger) Specifications and SoapUI Tests/Projects to stand up API monitors instantly and start getting faster feedback
  • Debug faster - monitors identify where the errors occured in the shared code from your QA or test teams, making it easy to track down and has context for when the problem occured. 

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