Hybrid Deployment

AlertSite offers 360 degree view of your application's performance - from our monitoring nodes located globally or from behind your firewall.

External Nodes

Powerful, independent network of over 350 individual monitoring nodes

Global Locations

Spread across the world on 5 continents and over 80+ locations, our private, external nodes are accurate and responsive

Tier 1 ISPs and Mobile Networks

We run our monitoring nodes on the top mobile and land networks around the world. We're always monitoring!

Internal Nodes

AlertSite offers four types of PrivateNode- VM, Cloud, Hardware, and EndPoint. Customize monitoring nodes in your local network, data center, or on arbitrary computers.

PrivateNode VM

A full-fledged monitoring location running on VMWare – inside or outside the firewall. It works just like AlertSite’s regular locations but is available only to you. PrivateNode Server is delivered as a preconfigured virtual machine image for rapid deployment. Once registered in AlertSite, it appears as a new location in your global locations list, and you can begin using it in your monitors. 

PrivateNode Cloud

A full-fledged monitoring location running on your private cloud network set up on public cloud infrastructure, such as AWS and Azure. PrivateNode Server is delivered as a pre-configured cloud compatible machine image for quick deployment. Once registered in AlertSite, it appears as a new location in your global locations list, and you can begin using it in your monitors. 

PrivateNode EndPoint

Deployed onto a desktop that supports Windows, MacOS, or Linux, PrivateNode EndPoint can be used to monitor on a schedule, as is done from the platform, or it can be used to diagnose performance, availability, or functionality issues faced by remote employees. Results are automatically sent to AlertSite and added to the run history for that monitor. PrivateNode EndPoint can also be used if the location is missing critical virtualization or server resources due to the geography or location.

PrivateNode Hardware

A complete monitoring server that offers the capabilities of our cloud monitoring solution, delivered straight to your door, installed wherever you determine is the most appropriate location for your organization. PrivateNode Server is delivered as a pre-configured server, ready to get up and running once installed.

Fastest and Intelligent Alerting

AlertSite provides you with the fastest and the most intelligent alerting to help you engage subject matter experts in timely manner and fix performance issues before they impact your end users. 

Direct From The Node

Sends notifications directly from the testing location [not the reporting console] meaning customers experience faster and more accurate

No False Alarms

AlertSite uses two verification methods - recheck from the same location and remote verification from an alternate location (depending on monitoring)

Static or Dynamic

AlertSite compares your application's response time with a predefined threshold. Thresholds can be set static or dynamic. Static being a fixed value in seconds. Whereas in Dynamic mode, compares the current response time with the average response time for the past 1 to 7 days

Availability and Performance

The Performance Alerts can be set for ALL monitor types, allowing customers receive notifications when devices are not responding within configured thresholds. It is not tied to availability and uptime, but to response time metrics, making accurate reporting easy.


Allows you to configure blackouts to stop monitoring or alerting at specific periods. And the blackouts can be one-time to accommodate maintenance or scheduled downtimes or repeating occurrences.

Works with NOC Essentials

Integrates with PagerDuty – a leading incident management and alerting system – to give you an effective way to manage your incidents and tackle application performance issues before they hit your end users.

Various Notification Channels

Gives you multiple recipient options such as email, SMS, telephone (VoIP), POST request, SNMP trap, PagerDuty, Splunk, VictorOps, Slack etc

Highly Customizable

Alerts can be customized and routed by various logics - by error types, step level, groups etc. - to accommodate unique nature of your operation teams.

Advanced Reporting

AlertSite's comprehensive reporting allows you to analyze your monitoring data, share it with key stakeholders and derive actionable insights. Schedule, create and send reports for one or more monitors, specific monitoring locations and time, as HTML or PDF.

Breakdown Reports

Breakdown reports provide a way to view performance from a variety of geographic and timeframe perspectives. These reports display a regional perspective or hour-of-the-day breakdown.

Document Manager

The Document Manager maintains all of your performance reports and load testing reports, allowing you to organize all your reports in one location. Stay organized and make impactful decisions.

Transaction Reports

Transaction reports provide detailed performance data and success rates for each step of a transaction, allowing you to track the course of a specific transaction as a visitor navigates through your website. You can also conduct trend analysis to monitor the performance of one unique step in a transaction over time.

Comparison Reports

ServerAgent vs. Performance Comparison reports enable you to see patterns & correlations between page and transaction performance data and server usage metrics. Overlay the response time of a DéjàClick™ transaction script with capacity measurements of servers, memory, RAID arrays, applications and other critical infrastructure components.

Full Page Reports

Full-page reports detail all the elements and objects on a page. In addition to availability and response time, these reports show test status, IP address (for identification) and component response time.

Outage Reports

The Outage Report is a management report that shows you the key statistics by Device including Total Errors, Outage Start Time, Outage End Time, Total Outage Duration Time, Location and Status.

Detailed Reports

Detail reports allow you to specify different timeframes and locations, as a means of isolating the root causes of problems.

SLA Compliance Reports

SLA Reports allow you to set service level objectives for uptime, availability and response time, and then to compare actual performance against these objectives. You can also apply after-the-fact exclusion periods to adjust for maintenance downtime and other extraneous factor

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AlertSite’s synthetic monitoring is extended by its seamless integrations with other leading solutions in APM and operational intelligence space


Trace application performance errors back to the code level, identify the internal erroneous component and fix it. Get 360 degree visibility into your application. 

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An effective way to manage incidents and tackle application performance issues before they hit your end users. AlertSite's advanced alerting paired with PagerDuty's operational intelligence gives an highly efficient system to stay on the top of your mission critical issues.

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AlertSite integrates with the most popular API testing tool in the world SoapUI to enable developers, testers and operations teams to collaborate on API quality. The integration allows reusing tests and metrics, simplifying configuration of monitoring assets and ultimately turning around performance problems in real time.

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AlertSite integrates with SmartBear's API readiness platform ReadyAPI to enable developers, testers and operations teams to collaborate on API quality. The integration allows reusing tests and metrics, simplifying configuration of monitoring assets and ultimately turning around performance problems in real time.

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Perfecto Mobile

Perfecto mobile's cloud based testing lab enables users to access real smartphones and tablets located globally. AlertSite integrates with Perfecto to enable you to monitor your applications across real devices and mobile carriers

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Integration with Splunk – a leading operational intelligence platform – gives an effective way to correlate your application availability and performance issues with system log events. Adding Splunk as an alert recipient on AlertSite, customers can send AlertSite monitoring information to their Splunk server to gain real time insight into business and IT metrics.

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AlertSite Web Recorder: DejaClick

DéjàClick is a free browser extension for Firefox and Chrome that automatically records and plays back user actions, and helps you create complex user behavior scripts with no programming. Once you have recorded a transaction, you can upload it as a monitor to run from AlertSite’s global monitoring locations


Automatically record and replay user actions. Create transaction monitors that simulate a user’s path through a website, such as buying something, logging in or filling a form.


DéjàClick emulates different mobile devices such as iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5, by changing the browser’s user agent string and screen size. This masquerades the browser as a mobile device, causing the web server to return the mobile version of the website.

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Reporting API

This API helps gathering report data for monitored devices. Of the Reports available from the Performance Reports section of the Console, the Report API has been implemented for the following reports:

  • Detail Report
  • SLA Detail Report
  • Transaction Detail Report
  • Page Objects Report
  • Site Status Report
  • Outage Report
  • Usage Report
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Device Monitoring API

This API allows customers to perform a basic set of actions by sending and receiving data in XML or JSON format. The following API functions are available:

  • Login
  • Logout
  • List Devices
  • Edit Device
  • Add Device
  • Get Device (Download)
  • Delete Device
  • Get Device Status
  • Get Device Site Plans
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Selenium Support

Selenium has become undoubtedly the most popular automation testing framework. AlertSite allows IT-Operations teams to reuse Selenium test scripts created in the test phase to create advanced synthetic monitors. 

Do More with Selenium Scripts

AlertSite helps IT-Operations teams repurpose existing Selenium webdriver scripts and create multi-step web transactions monitors with ease and keep up with the rapid application development and deployment cadence.

Continuous Improvement

Selenium support enhances AlertSite's promise of offering scriptless synthetic monitoring. With increased automation and reusability, IT team spend less time creating scripts and more time analyzing the monitoring data and making improvements.

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