Whether your monitoring APIs, applications, or websites, you need a monitoring tool that is accurate, fast, and robust. AlertSite provides codeless scripting and integration options so you can continuously monitor all your digital assets in mere minutes.

Complex Scripts? Yes, Please.
Complex Configuration? No, thank you.

You need complex scripts to capture key user activity. Don’t let other tools that require coding hold you back. Capture key user journeys – in a few clicks. From single visits to multi-step transactions, AlertSite’s web recorder, DejaClick, empowers anyone to create scripts, right in their browser- no coding required. With a variety of validation options, including keyword, image, and JavaScript validations, DejaClick verifies that each step taken reflects both an accurate user journey and functional correctness of your digital content.

  • Intuitive, seamless plug-in, DejaClick, for web transaction and user journey recordings
  • Point and click script creation for website monitor scripts, web and mobile application monitor scripts
  • Native API monitor creation
Complex Scripts? Yes, Please. <br />Complex Configuration? No, thank you.
When You Change, We Change.

When You Change, We Change.

Bring life to your site, without stressing about your performance monitor. With AlertSite monitoring dynamic pages has never been easier. DejaClick can handle unexpected variables during playback by adding conditional tests to recordings, so you don’t need to create multiple monitoring scripts to account for normal site changes like out of stock products and updated promotional copy.

  • Intelligent branching logic for dynamic webpage script creation
  • Add conditional tests recordings to empower scripts to handle unexpected variables during playback, like advertisements, updated promotional copy, etc.

Reuse What You’ve Got – Automatically.

If your development teams use Selenium or SoapUI, get the most out of your technology stack by reusing the functional test scripts your organization already made to automatically create new monitors in AlertSite. From Selenium webdriver scripts to SoapUI API test projects, our integrations bridge the gap between testing and operations, expediting your quest to monitor the performance, availability, and quality of multi-step web transactions and APIs.

  • Reuse functional test scripts
  • Selenium integration transforms webdriver scripts into monitors
  • Take SoapUI API test projects to create API monitors in AlertSite
Reuse What You’ve Got – Automatically.
Keep Your Processes (and Monitors) Agile

Keep Your Processes (and Monitors) Agile

CICD is at the top of mind for software companies worldwide. DejaClick fuels your ability to monitor performance continuously, in the same rapid cadence with which you deploy new releases, features, and functionalities. Codeless and easy to use, anyone in your organization can create a monitor to emulate a new user journey, or simply check availability and performance metrics, in mere minutes.

We’ve made our processes simple, yet comprehensive, so you can use the time you saved creating monitors to continue driving innovation.

  • Save time and effort by reusing scripts made by your test team
  • Continuously monitor new releases and deployments
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