Geocentrix is known for delivering high quality software that is both easy to use and easy to configure. As their products become more sophisticated, the task of maintaining their reputation becomes much more difficult. Geocentrix needed automating testing for their common user interface, so they turned to TestComplete.

A Need for Test Automation

"Our company’s reputation is built on delivering high quality software that is both easy to use and easy to configure. As our products become more sophisticated, so the task of ensuring they retain their reputation becomes much more difficult. We are implementing a common user interface, codenamed “Re/x Studio”, for all of our programs, which combines the best features from all of them. To keep the cost of Re/x within our limited budget, we decided to automate as much of the development process as possible, including bug-tracking, code-generation, and especially software testing," said Geocentrix's Managing Director, Dr. Andrew Bond.

"Previously, when we tested our programs manually, we discovered many tests were skipped because they were very time-consuming. Inevitably, bugs would appear in those parts of the programs that had not been tested thoroughly and we paid the cost for those skipped tests in increased customer support and customer dissatisfaction. By using AutomatedQA’s TestComplete we avoid these problems in the future."

Choosing TestComplete

Andrew explained how they decided to purchase TestComplete: "We had looked at a number of testing packages a few years ago and TestComplete stood out above the rest. It is comprehensive, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, and most importantly, affordable! As long-time users of Borland’s (now CodeGear’s) range of C++ compilers, it was a relief to see AutomatedQA’s continued support of C++Builder when rival products headed towards Microsoft and .NET only products."

Quality Test Cases in No Time

"Our design goals for Repute and the other programs in the Re/x Studio include a very sophisticated user interface that minimizes the user’s effort in setting up complicated engineering projects. The “Stockyard” holds a wide variety of pre-built items that the user can select to include in individual scenarios. Testing the interaction of the various components of this user interface is a much greater challenge than we have ever faced before. TestComplete’s recording feature has allowed us to get the bulk of this work done with a minimum amount of effort. The ability to hand-edit the resulting script, in its C++-like syntax, has meant that we have developed a great number of highly-effective quality test cases in no time," said Andrew.

Testing More Features

"The ability to run a suite of tests overnight has meant that time spent testing has little impact on time spent developing. This is a key issue for small companies like Geocentrix, who cannot afford to have dedicated testers separate from its developers. Everyone has to do a little of everything! We now test more of our program’s features than ever before and the number of bug reports we get has dropped accordingly," said Andrew.

One of the Best Decisions

Andrew explained how choosing TestComplete was one the best decisions he has made: "The return on investment makes using an automated testing tool a no-brainer. The ease with which we adopted TestComplete made choosing it one of the simplest decisions I have ever made and one of the best!"


TestComplete has allowed Geocentrix to automate their GUI testing, increase their testing, reduce the testing impact on their development cycle, and save money while doing it.

About Repute

Repute is an advanced computer program for determining the response of single piles and pile groups to 3-dimensional loading, using a variety of calculation models and design standards.

Repute features:

  • An advanced graphical user interface featuring toolbars, dockable panels, customizable property inspectors, two-way synchronization of drawings and editors, and Excel-compatible workbooks.
  • Highly-configurable limit state calculations for single piles, based on Eurocode 7 and other relevant design standards.
  • A lightning-fast calculation engine for pile group analysis, based on the non-linear boundary-element program PGroupN (developed by Dr Francesco Basile of Geomarc).
  • Extensive set of algorithms which allow fine-tuning of all calculations.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities via its in-built HTML/XML web browser and graph control.
  • Large database of bearing pile sections manufactured by Corus.

Repute 2 has been developed with the financial and technical support of Corus, Atkins, and Stent Foundations.

About Geocentrix

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About TestComplete

TestComplete is a comprehensive test automation solution with integrated support for a wide range of both internal and UI based testing. Designed for use by developers and testers alike, TestComplete offers both visual and scripted test generation and robust test management facilities. TestComplete supports Microsoft Windows, .NET, Delphi, Java, and Web applications.

Learn more about TestComplete and download a free trial to maintain your quality reputation like Geocentrix.

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