What's New in Peer Review with Collaborator

Collaborator 13.9

Latest improvements:

  • Jira - Displayed Jira links based on users permissions
  • Simulink - Create comments and defects for GotoTag elements. Mask parameters now highlighted
  • Authentication - Users can now authenticate using GitHub or Atlassian accounts
  • In-app Notifications - Receive notifications when someone @mentions you in a review comment
  • Focus Mode - Maximize the browser real estate to see only the file diff you are interested in
  • Edit/Delete Comments - Modify or remove your comments before they have been read by others

Check out the manual and the release notes for more details on Collaborator 13.9.13900


Collaborator 13.x Improvements

  • Simulink - Review Simulink models in Collaborator alongside your code and documents.
  • In-app Notifications - Receive notifications when someone @mentions you in a review comment.
  • Focus Mode - Maximize the browser real estate to see only the file diff you are interested in.
  • Configurable Home Screen – Add collaborator pre-defined and Custom fields to your Home screen.
  • Improved Performance – Reduced document conversion speeds and database queries.
  • Microsoft Plugins – Add Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files to Collaborator reviews quickly and easily.
  • Multiple Checklists on a Review – Reviews can now have multiple Checklists or allow the Author to select from a list of Checklists that should be in a review.
  • Edit/Delete Comments – Edit or delete your comments as long as long as no one else has commented after you.
  • Tabbed Review Chat Threads – System generated and user comments have been separated to make it easier to track the messages you care about.
  • Collaborator JIRA plugin – See Collaborator reviews that are associated to JIRA tickets from within JIRA.

Collaborator 12.x Improvements

  • Atlassian Crowd Single Sign-On – Native support for Crowd single sign-on.
  • Automatically Add Code Owners – Users will now be added as participants in code reviews based on the GitHub or GitLab CODEOWNERS files.
  • OpenJDK Support – Collaborator now supports the use of OpenJDK’s java implementation.
  • Home Screen Action Items Filter – Filter the Action items list based on Review Title, Author, Status, etc.
  • GitLab Group Sync – Synchronize Collaborator group membership and permission with a GitLab server.
  • Azure DevOps Integration – Review Git repositories that are stored on Azure DevOps and link to Azure DevOps work items.

  • Rich-text and Markdown Comment – Comment and defect fields support rich-text and markdown formatting.
  • GitHub Build Status – If your GitHub repository uses continuous integration the Remote System Links section of Collaborator will display the build status info.
  • SAML SSO Improvements – Support for group sync and role definitions (users/admins in Collaborator).
  • Export reports as DOCXReports can now be exported from Collaborator in a .docx format.
  • Improved Document Review Performance – Review materials now take less time to process.

Collaborator 11.x Improvements

  • Microsoft PowerPoint and Visio – Review

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