What's New in Peer Review with Collaborator

Collaborator 13

Latest improvements:

  • Multiple checklists per review – ensures that the appropriate checklists are associated with each review
  • Improved document processing performance – increases document conversion time by up-to 50%
  • Collaborator JIRA plugin – See Collaborator reviews that are associated to JIRA tickets from within JIRA

Check out the manual and the release notes for more details on Collaborator 13.0.1300


Collaborator 11.x Improvements

  • Microsoft PowerPoint and Visio – Review PowerPoint and Visio files without first having to convert them to Adobe PDF.
  • Web UI Themes – Users can now set themes for the UI including Classic and Dark
  • Visual Studio plugin for RTC – RTC version control users can now create reviews through the Collaborator Visual Studio add-in.
  • Single Sign-On support – Read Single Sign-On to learn more about single sign-on authentication and Configuring SSO via SAML for detailed instructions on enabling SAML single sign-on.
  • Remote System Links – A new Remote System Links section has been added to the Review Summary Screen. This section lists all pull requests, direct pushes and issue-tracking items associated with the review, as well as the current statuses of those items.
  • Review Pool SubscriptionsAuthor-based subscriptions and file subscriptions for Review Pools - you can now subscribe a review pool group to reviews from a specific author as well as to reviews where specific files are being reviewed.
  • Copy Review – Create a new review by copying an existing review. Copied data can include participant list, custom field values, and review materials.
  • Custom Syntax Highlighting – This change now allows Collaborator to support syntax highlighting for any language. To learn how to create custom syntax highlighting schemes, read Syntax Highlighting.  
  • Diff View Display Modes – Simple mode makes diff selections easier and more intuitive.
  • Participant Custom Fields – Participant custom fields can now be edited by Authors, Moderators, and individual participants.
  • LDAP/AD User and Group Sync – Users and groups can now be synced with LDAP/AD.
  • TFS Work Item Integration – Collaborator can update reviews with links to Team Foundation Server work items associated with reviewed changesets/shelvesets. It can also update TFS work items with links to reviews on corresponding changeset/shelvesets.
  • Template SubscriptionsTemplate Subscriptions allow users to automatically become participants in reviews that are utilizing a particular template.
  • Content Cache Cleanup – Ability to archive review materials that are no longer used in active reviews. This provides a way to reduce the size of server's content cache folder, which stores all review materials.
  • JIRA Integration – The JIRA Integration allows for the associations of issues with reviews and vice versa.

Collaborator 10.x Improvements

  • Server Branding – Collaborator Enterprise server can display a custom company logo on Login, Home and Review Summary screens.
  • Calendar Invites – You can send iCalendar invitations to review participants. Calendar notifications may be useful for scheduling formal review meetings.
  • Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab Integrations – Create Collaborator code reviews whenever a pull request occurs.
  • Advanced User Permissions – Grant certain users elevated permissions so that they become able to perform some of administrative tasks: manage and create user groups, manage templates, custom fields, checklists, roles, automatic links.
  • Default Review Templates – Review templates can now be associated with specific user groups.
  • Visual Studio add-in – Users can create and participate in Collaborator reviews directly from within the Visual Studio IDE. The extension installs into the Community, Professional, and Enterprise editions of Visual Studio 2015 and 2013.
  • Enhanced Rational Team Concert Support – Users can now right click and add changelists with children to reviews from the Work Items menu.
  • Team Foundation Server Gated Check-ins – There are two types of gated check-in triggers that help ensure a review is started or completed for each changelist.

Collaborator 9.x Improvements

  • Archive Reviews – Reviews can now be archived to Zip for long term data storage.
  • Pushpin Numbering – The style of coordinate comments and defects (pushpins) has been changed. Now the pushpins display an integer number in their head. The number corresponds to the order in which the pushpin was added to the document page or image.
  • Electronic Signatures – Configure electronic signatures to be based on the template selected for the review.
  • JSON API – Added a JSON API web service.

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