Investing in Collaboration

This ROI calculator illustrates the savings that a team could see by adopting Collaborator as their tool for peer code review. We calculated these numbers using data provided by our customers, as well as industry benchmarks. For example, our studies show that when using Collaborator, developers find a bug or defect every 12.5 minutes on average. For most teams, that means less time per review to find the same number of defects. Additionally, users find more defects early on, reducing the amount that move to QA and production where the cost to fix is higher. The increase in defect identification varies, from 18% to 100%. For this calculator, we set the default to 30%.

More Defects Found and Fixed by Adopting Collaborator
People Per Review
Total Number of Developers
Defects Found Per Review
Hours Spent Per Review
Labor Costs Per Hour
Total Reviews Per Month

Total Savings

1 Month
1 Year
3 Years

Output Summary

1 Month
1 Year
3 Years
Spending Less Time Per Review
Find More Defects Per Review
Cost of Collaborator
1 License for every 5 Developers
Annual Maintenance Renewal
Return on Investment


If you are interested in reading more details behind these calculations, feel free to download our full ROI calculator.


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It’s very powerful to have Collaborator create a documentation package that documents reviews with a great level of detail structured in a way to facilitate audits and integrate with other project documents. We also benefit from a 70% reduction in our code review and test review timeline.

Aaron Peterson
Vice President of Research & Development
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