Our GitHub Code Review Integration

Make Your Pull Requests Mean More with Comprehensive Peer Reviews in Collaborator


Bring Robust Code Review to GitHub

Many teams kick off their code review workflow with a simple pull request, notifying teammates that their code is ready to review. While that's a good place to start, repositories are not designed with code review management in mind. Our Collaborator GitHub integration lets you:

  • Import multiple repositories with one click
  • Initiate a pull request and automatically create a code review in Collaborator
  • Generate reviews on pushes and block merges until the review is complete
  • Collaborator can be configured to automatically merge your pull request and close out its branch when a review is completed

Add Quality Gates to Your Pull Requests

Create Collaborator Reviews Automatically For Each Pull Request

Pull requests in GitHub can be a quick way to collaborate. For teams that need more robust reviews, Collaborator offers more comprehensive peer reviews, with elements like custom checklists, required partipants, and detailed reports.

Our GitHub integration is based on the pull request workflow. Whenever you create a pull request, Collaborator can automatically create and link to a new review. This allows you to use the workflows you are comfortable with while adding rigor to your review process.

Complete Reviews and Merge Seamlessly

When all checklist items have been completed by reviewers, Collaborator can close out the review and merge your pull request automatically. By extending the pull request workflow, your team now has access to review metrics like defect density, time spent on reviews, lines of code reviewed, and more.

These customizable reports can be downloaded to a zip file easily, which means it is simple for your team to maintain an audit trail and meet compliance standards.

What Collaborator Code Reviews Add to the Pull Request Workflow

While GitHub allows you to do code reviews, Collaborator empowers them to drive your development. With Collaborator, you have the ability to customize reviews to fit your best workflow, gain visibility into review metrics to improve your team's process, and ease your auditing and compliance burden with intuitive record retention.


Start Your Collaborator Trial Now

Collaborator is the enterprise-grade peer code and document review tool helping teams launch rockets, bring medical devices to market, and build some of the world's most popular video games.

Here's what to expect during the next 30 days of your trial:

  • Invite other team members to join your trial and get started reviewing each other's code and documents.
  • Connect with your other development tools so that code reviews are a seamless part of your process.
  • Ask us questions! We will be available to guide you through learning the basics of Collaborator through chat.
  • Set up custom templates, checklists, and groups to ensure that your reviews are focused on what's important to your team.
  • View reports on your review process to see what types of defects your team is finding and how effective your reviews are.

Collaborator supports multiple SCMs at once: TFS, Git, Perforce, Subversion, Rational Team Concert, Synergy, ClearCase, AccuRev, CVS, and PTC Integrity.


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