“By relying on SmartBear Collaborator for software code review, everyone on our team across the globe can see comments from reviewers and any changes applied to code during their regular working hours—there’s no more staying up late at night or waking up early to attend meetings.”

 –   Ajay Tamboli, Electronics Tools and Infrastructure Lead at Whirlpool

Driving Your Product Development with Collaborative Peer Reviews

It is often very difficult and expensive to update embedded software once it is shipped.  With the Internet of Things and recently-found processor design vulnerabilities, there is more pressure than ever to produce bug-free software that mitigates the risk of cyberattacks without sacrificing performance.  All of this means that teams need to standardize quality practices throughout their process and improve communication overall.

With Collaborator, your development team is empowered to conduct peer code and document reviews early and often, ensuring premier quality throughout the entire application lifecycle. Cross-functional teams can remotely and collaboratively improve on deliverables all in one place. Whether you are a product manager writing and reviewing requirements or a software architect building the latest feature, Collaborator helps you and your team stay on the same page.


Watch: What Meltdown and Spectre Mean for Cybersecurity in 2018

At the start of the year, two major security vulnerabilities were revealed that impact nearly every processor, operating system, browser, and cloud infrastructure. We recently walked though the recent changes in the cybersecurity landscape and what development teams can do to mitigate these risks.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • What Meltdown and Spectre are and how they were found
  • Counterfeit parts and the rising threat of hardware attacks
  • Leveraging peer reviews as an end-to-end quality measure

Create Custom Templates to Match the Workflow that Fits Your Team Best

In Collaborator, you can build custom review templates to ensure that each type of peer review meets your specific compliance needs. Formalize reviews by setting rules for each template that work in the background and establish required criteria that must be met prior to submission.

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Improve Your Process Across the Development Lifecycle

Make sure that your specifications and product requirements are lining up every step of the way. Conduct comprehensive code and document reviews faster and easier with built-in capabilities like e-signatures and review notifications.


Make comments and see changes to user stories, requirements, and design documents.

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Leverage custom review templates and workflows to take your code reviews to the next level.

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Bring in other departments to ensure that test cases and plans align with requirements. 

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Create deployment scripts and conduct code reviews on the infrastructure level.

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Make Compliance and Audits Easier by Archiving Code and Document Reviews

During an audit, you could get a question about why a specific change in code was made. Do you have enough documentation to follow the digital thread? Collaborator offers a content archiving capability that allows you maintain data continuity and manage server space. Our save to zip feature also enables you to make a hand off to compliance so that you can quickly go back to building that new feature.

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Build Custom Reports to Drive Process Improvement and Quality Management

How do you show your review process in a tangible way? With Collaborator, custom reporting is a standard, out-of-the-box capability. Whether you're trying to illustrate your review efforts for a compliance audit or just looking to find the gaps in your process, Collaborator's reporting feature can be leveraged to drive insights and document your team's compliance with code and document review standards. 

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