Save Your Peer & Reviews to a Zip File

Simplify compliance and audits by pulling down peer reviews into a zip file

Make the Handoff To Auditors Easy

Show Your Work with a Simple Export

During an audit, you may need to show evidence of peer reviews taking place. If you are using a lightweight tool, there could be a lot of manual preparation work to put together. Since your project feedback is centralized in Collaborator, it is easy to export your work to a zip file and share it with contractors, auditors, and regulators. Whether you have internal or external audits, the Save to Zip feature in Collaborator enables you to hand over reviews quickly so you can keep moving forward on projects.


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Collaborator is the peer review tool for software teams that care about code quality and collaboration.

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Collaborator supports multiple SCMs at once: TFS, Git, Perforce, Subversion, Rational Team Concert, Synergy, ClearCase, AccuRev, CVS, and PTC Integrity.