Test automation with the scale of the cloud

Run automated tests in parallel across devices, with cloud-side execution, unlimited users, and unlimited testing minutes


Test Across Frameworks

Support for Selenium, Appium, Cypress, and any native mobile test automation framework in all languages. Easily bring your Docker- or VM-contained mobile app frameworks and local tests to our device cloud. 

BitBar also integrates with TestComplete, giving your less technical users access to test automation.  TestComplete is an easy-to-use code or codeless test automation tool, that tests every desktop, web, mobile or packaged application. By using TestComplete with BitBar, your non-technical users can create a codeless test and then scale that test across both browsers and devices in the BitBar cloud.  

Test More In Less Time

Running your tests in parallel with BitBar can radically shorten test execution time – allowing you to expand test coverage while having more time to innovate and build. Use parallel testing to run your entire UI test suite in minutes instead of hours. 

Run automated tests in parallel across real devices, with cloud-side execution, unlimited users, and unlimited testing minutes. 

Let Us Handle The Infrastructure

Our secure, reliable testing grid is Enterprise ready and can run tests against applications behind your firewall or locally. Integrate your favorite frameworks in minutes. 

BitBar reduces the burden of cross-platform testing by offloading the setup, ongoing maintenance, upgrades of browsers and devices, allowing your team to focus on what matters: testing. 

Test Continuously For Higher Quality & Faster Deployments

You can run your entire testing suite in parallel every time you deploy new code to production with native integrations and open API. The expanded test coverage through BitBar will give you more confidence in every deployment. Build testing into your existing production process with shareable test results. 

BitBar fits into your current tech stack so you can focus on ensuring your app quality. 

“We’ve always been running full automation. BitBar’s solution has enabled us to scale up our automated testing. We’re running a much higher throughput and these tests are depended on by a much larger volume of people. Now we’ve taken that 75 hours down to 5 hours to get through a test cycle.”


Test on Real Browsers & Devices

Try our next-gen testing cloud with both mobile and web testing capabilities and get the efficiency and scalability you need.

During your free, 14-day trial, you can expect:

  • One Platform for both web & mobile testing
  • Instant access to the latest browsers & devices
  • Framework agnostic testing for mobile apps
  • Enterprise options for complex use cases & security needs